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connected to your hometown adidas js mickey mouse sale of feelings

Posted Dec 26 2012 7:01am
Hometown ah, hometown,  adidas js leopard sale   so I cherished homeland, I will definitely let you to I'm proud. Loved ones in prayer, friends in the waiting hometown are calling ... Come back, the distant wanderer! Flowers will be in full bloom, but will eventually be dying; birds singing, but finally to leave; Only the people on the Trail of children, years after year, waiting for your return ... Come back, the distant wanderer! wrinkles of the mother, the father of the white-haired, a root, a trace of a sentence, I heard the sound, somewhere, there is always a voice in calling ...... Come back, my child! come back! come back Yo, my dear friend! "hometown people today are still ringing in, unable to get over ..."

"The hometown of the song is an Qingyuan the flute total in outlook is a vague moon night sounded hometown Chang Wang as if the fog Wave parting farewell nostalgia never to grow old a tree rings. "Nostalgia, accumulate miss your hometown, connected to your hometown adidas js mickey mouse sale of feelings, whatever you have in the ends of the earth, the hometown always to you with open arms, waiting for you to put into its embrace. It is like an eternal hanging the horizon, the warm sun, warm wandering mind lit mind candlelight continues candlelight fireworks, you can never get rid of the homeland - this spiritual home.
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