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commodity housing sales prices

Posted Dec 08 2012 8:10am

on the local 2-fold (2-fold), the tax rate

is temporarily reduced to 0.4%.Tax workers, "Chongqing mode" too much work,

before taxes of 1.5 billion in 2 nike free powerlines cheap   011; difficulty of the implementation of the

"Shanghai model is smaller, the 2011 property tax revenue of 2.21 billion yuan.

Cf levy tax rate of property tax in Shanghai and Chongqing, according to the

China Index Acade nike free run 2 mens   my real estate dynamic policy design research group estimates

data nationwide for all residential property tax levy, expected size of the

annual property tax of about 5000 billion. Once the levy, the money used in where nike free run 3 shoes cheap  

is still unknown, at least the government will be the addition of an income.

[Finance Roundup]According to the International Finance news, a few days ago,

Finance Minister Xie said that the focus of the next step of the reform of the

tax system is simple and will include about types of taxes levied on real estate

transactions, and research property taxes across the country gradually. The Xie

Xuren position, again led to a discussion of social taxes on the real estate

industry. High prices, how much is handed over to the government taxes and fees 

In other words, the money of the people to buy a house, the government takes the

number On survey, real estate development to get to sell to buyers, which relates

to taxes paid to all levels of government a total of seven categories specific

37, accounting for 50% of the low proportion of the overall housing sales amount,

the highest or even more than 70 %.These expenditures include the early land

premium real estate development, relocation management fees, as well as the

latter part of the business tax, stamp duty, urban construction tax, corporate

income tax.The experts said that more than 37 tax and fee costs, a larger

proportion of the land premium and taxes. Provinces and cities nationwide to

receive standard is not the same, is not exactly the same as the burden on

enterprises, the average accounted for more than 50% of the sum of the

sellers.This result has also been confirmed in the report submitted by the

National Federation of Real Estate Chamber of Commerce in 2009 to two sessions.

The report says, to Beijing, for example, the development of enterprises in the

real estate development process needs to deal with more than 20 government

departments, required to pay various fees and up to 20 kinds of; Guangzhou

development with more than 30 enterprises in the development process dealing with

government departments, to pay more than 20 kinds of charges.The data also show

that the National Federation of Real Estate Chamber of Commerce to analyze from a

single city, Shanghai's development projects in the total sales revenue flows to

the government's share of the highest, 61.84%; flow to the government in Beijing

is 42.42% share.REN: government takes 70%Famous property developer Ren Zhiqiang,

holding the rotating presidency of the Chamber of Commerce, said the analysis of

housing constructed in the report of the National Federation of Real Estate

Chamber of Commerce and the various taxes and fees charged by the government

completely taken into account, such as fees, permit fees municipal infrastructure

fees. Also did not calculate the taxes in the upstream and downstream industries,

these are also the income of the government, such as the construction unit paid

various taxes and fees, taxes, equipment, production and trading of building

materials production and purchase links in taxes and so on."If the above factors

are taken into account, the government share of the share from the price, to be

far more than 70% of GDP." Ren Zhiqiang, said, indicating that

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