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Cheap Google Nexus 7 Cases

Posted Mar 04 2013 8:21am

Google Nexus 7 is manufactured by ASUS OEM a super Quad flat computer. The flat has two versions, 8GB storage capacity and storage capacity of 16GB, the official price is respectively $199 and $249, which has NFC bus communication function brush approach, mobile phone will no longer be a dream, but the popularity needs some time.

Nexus 7 tablet is running Android Jelly Bean system, with 7 Inch Touch screen and a Tegra3 processor, while also providing NFC ( near field transmission technology ) and Google wallet function (possibly only for the United States market ). The tablet computer screen IPS display screen, a visual angle of 178 degrees, the resolution is 1280*800, showing good results.

Nexus 7 is made by Google and ASUS, the battery support high-definition broadcast 9 hours, 300 hours of standby time, support WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC communication way, weight is 340g. In addition, the device also provides a lead of 1200000 pixel camera, battery life time is 9 hours.

A noble pure Google Nexus brand bloodline, it is as four Prince Nexus 7, which is still not out of the infant. It was expected, was pinned, promising to give the consumer and media at the top of the high-profile, has a pair of yellow in the body only owe ascended the throne of the emperors of the phase. Indeed, NVIDIA Tegra3 quad-core processor, up to 7 inch WXGA IPS wide viewing screen, a thickness of 10.45 mm and less than 340 grams of weight, so configuration let us really hard to pay attention to the shortcomings of it.

According to foreign media reports, the mobile industry analyst Benedict Evans ( Benedict Evans ) Tuesday, according to the latest sales data ASUS computer tablet computer, rough estimate of Google Nexus 7 tablet computer sales last year of about 4500000 to 4800000. Since Google did not posted sales of Nexus 7 data, the sales data may be the most close to the actual sales data of Nexus 7. For the lower sales, other accessories manufacturers have to launch cheap google nexus 7 cases to appeal fans to buy Google Nexus 7 tablet computer.

Evans said in the report, ASUS computer in 2012 6300000 tablet computer sales based on oral statement, as well as the CEO of the company, to approximately estimate out October has approximately 7 Nexus sales. Nexus 7 in the second quarter of 2012 to the end of the third quarter sales of about 2200000; in the fourth quarter of last year 's sales of about 2400000. The analyst also said, apple iPad Mini is listed in the first quarter, the fourth quarter of last year 's sales of about 10000000. This is expected to be based on the average selling price of iPad mini, Apple's revenue obtained data and flat computer sales results. Apple hasn't sales data to divide according to iPad model.

Evans reported that, Apple still ruled the tablet computer market, but the company entered the small screen tablet computer market decisions, help the company to stop the pace of development of other company, consolidated the dominance of Apple in the tablet computer market.

Taking into account the apple in the first quarter of fiscal 2013 (2012 fourth quarter ) sales of 22900000 iPad, five times Nexus in 2012 7 shipments are equivalent to Evans expected, this also means that Android wants to gain share fairly and intelligent mobile phone market in flat computer market, still need a long time. maybe interested on: cute iphone 4 cases

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