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Career bla bla

Posted Aug 14 2009 6:48pm

I’m breathing much more easily now, hooray for that. This is my last week of work and although I really loved doing research this summer, I’ll be glad to have some time off before school starts. I had a little talk with my supervisor today (who I consider to be brilliant and is a very well-respected researcher) about what I want to do with my career.

I’ve been waffling a bit about that this summer. Because while I’ve wanted to be a doctor for a long long time, I was getting slightly turned off by the arduous admission process and the cost of medical school. I was really intrigued by a career in genetic counselling, which requires an MSc but is a fascinating and quickly growing field. I’m happy to say though, that I am back on track and I’m going full steam ahead for the MD. Deep down I know that I really really want it and I can work hard. The only question is though, because I’m such a sucker for knowledge and because I want to keep my options for research and teaching open, whether I want to do a PhD in conjunction with this. I realize I’m condemned to be a student in perpetuity but if you didn’t notice, it suits me and I like it :)

My supervisor told me that I should be aiming high and to just go for it. I’m pretty sure those words were what boosted my confidence so much and you can bet I was grinning hard when I came out of his office. A good day! Hopefully I’ll be able to remember this in December when I’m banging my head against the wall and I’m feeling a little depleted.

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