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Can I get relief from a persistent cough, caused by swollen lymph glands???

Posted by Bill P. Facebook

I am a 51 year old male that has suffered from a persistent cough for years. The doctor's have treated it with antibiotics and medicines to relieve sinius infections and it has been treated as acid reflux. Through my own research, I believe the correct diagnosis is "Exercise Asthma" or "Hyper Reflex Asthma", I am not positive though. I get relief when I sleep, the cough at the moment is almost constant, except when I sleep. I have swollen lymph glands, the cough reacts to cold air and chemical smells. It is productive, I constantly feel like I have to clear my throat. I usually have a mild soreness in my throat and ears. This is an on going struggle for me. Is there a recgnized therapy for the treatment and control of these symptoms? Nothing the doctors have done so far has worked? Through my reading I am lead to believe that one of the causes may be the over use of antibotics? I do get relief although only temporary, when the infection is treated with antibiotics. I am really tired of hacking my way through life. It is hard to be social, when I am coughing all the time. Also, the cough is worse when I exercise. please help if you can? Bill

 PS I also suffer from Arthritis. 

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