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"But These Kids Have Cell Phones!"

Posted Mar 07 2011 4:11pm



I am going to talk about something that I want to make clear I am in no way trying to infringe on anyone's privacy or make comments on their particular situation.  I'm saying that because most of the people involved in the story that set off my little brain humming in this little blogging direction read this blog and are friends with me on Facebook.  So please know when you read this, though the basis of the story is grounded in an incident that happened, my commentary has nothing to do with that, only my reaction to it and my sister's reaction to it that made me laugh.  Not the people involved, or the situation itself, which is not funny, but to mine and Quinn's identical reaction to one little part of it.

Ready?  Here's the set up:

Cell_Phone_Security A teenaged boy goes over to a friend's house to spend the night.  Mom calls and he doesn't answer his cell phone.  Mom calls the friend's house.  Friend says the boy isn't there. Mom stays up most of the night calling friends and everyone on the planet trying to find son.  Teenager shows up the next day and walks into a shit storm with his name on it.

Let's be honest, that's a pretty typical rite of passage for teenages. We've all (parents who were once teenagers, no really, we were) been on both sides of it. Teenagers' job is to test the boundaries IF THEY MUST and parents' job is to slap them back down and make sure they know that they don't have free reign of the world to do as they please, not now, not ever.  You do what you're supposed to do and be where you supposed to be and that keeps you out of jail later in life.

So enough about the set up. Here's the funny part.  My IMMEDIATE, very FIRST thought when I heard this?  "WTF!? How in the hell do teenagers get caught these days? They have CELL PHONES. We didn't have no stinkin' cell phones and we rarely got caught!  Geez, do these kids have no loyalty? Do they not know how to say "Uhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhh, let me have him call you back in a few minutes."  And then go track down the poor schmuck because, be honest, we DID know where our friends were at all times for cases just like this.

My sister, Quinn, called. She said "Okay, What's going on with (teenaged boy)?"  I told her the basics.  Her reaction?  "Hang on a second..."  Pause. Sound of door shutting. "Okay, I'm back. I'm in my bedroom with the door shut to get some privacy from my teenagers.  How in THE HELL did he get caught?  These people have CELL PHONES!  How the hell do you get caught? We didn't have cell phones and we figured out how to go to a party we wouldn't have been allowed to go to!  My God, do these people not know how to dial that cell phone and say "Yo, Dude, get your ass home before your Mom calls the Po-Po."  What is wrong with these kids?!"

Is technology the cause of retardation?  No creativity in thinking, people.  I have no hope for the generation that will lead this country in a decade.

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