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But a supra skytop ii cheap chance encounter made me acquainted with the book

Posted Jan 12 2013 6:20am
Sweetness and light at first, followed by torrential dripping getting rather misty confused. Wind to help the rain Hing, Durian, after the storms, but it is another round of rare tranquility, quiet world, listening, watching, product, really comfortable.Early in the morning to open the door, I saw the mist-shrouded mountains, a mist. The small pearl drops sparkling on the leaves, sweet with a night of dreams, struggling to leap, and we got into the grass, elfin vanished, leaving only a bunch of wonderful laughter in the air waves. Xu laughter woke everyone dreams? A few sparrows flap fly to the branches, a few ups and downs will be hidden into the roadside bush, not a shadow. At this time, with a little sleepy people in twos and threes, winding on the Hill activities debut a beautiful scene. After a night of full sleep kids, always with their crisp laughter shook the air trembling leaves Vibrato. Later, the dog out of the nest, the chicken came out, duck out the circle, each deep breath, twitched his voice, then, or bark supra skytop iii uk significant domineering, or quack scared countryman, or Shenxiang Hupenghuanyou, or the hills sing. The cheerful voice smoke drizzle laugh knees ......The book is a record of all human life experience and experience is the crystallization of human wisdom. Life book, wisdom need books.

I try to be brave pushy people, in elementary school, I'm just getting started with books. Gain knowledge. But I naughty fun, so I do not have firm foundations so that my grades were poor. But a supra skytop ii cheap chance encounter made me acquainted with the book. It was a mathematics competition. In the exam, there are many problems, but I was able to answer it. Finally, I admitted to outstanding achievements Mathematics Olympiad workshops, to know how enviable (less Pui, can often praised by the teacher). To this end, in order not to fall behind, I started to like reading books, especially in math books.I had a famous mathematician Hua, his family was poor. He saw is an algebra handouts "and a 50" calculus "entered a mathematical palace. I am very envious of him.Maybe I'm the sake of the boys. I especially like to watch detective fiction, or mystery story. From which I will continue to analyze and use our brains, extended thinking.
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