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Brown Recluse Spider Bite. Serious.

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:00pm


Robin, one of my faves from four at work, stopped by to say hi to me last night in the department.  She mentioned that she'd been in StepDown for five days. I thought she meant working. Nope!  IN Stepdown. As in Admitted into StepDown. 

Craziness--not only did she have a horrible reaction to the venom of the brown recluse spider that bit her--systemic rash, facial swelling, aching, itching, etc., she ended up having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic as well! This poor kid spend 5 days in StepDown, ended up with two units of blood, and now has the wound from hell from one little spider.

This pic is after several days of healing time. Originally her entire upper arm was swollen and red.  There's still pus seepage but she said the doc said the good news is they won't have to debride it.  It will continue to heal on it's own and new skin will eventually form under the black necrotic skin, although she will end up with a healthy scar.

Want to hear the insult to injury?  She's complained several times to her aparment manager about killing brown recluses in her apartment last spring and this fall and nothing was done.  Now when she let them know what happened that she expects help with the medical bills they're telling her too bad, so sad, that's her problem.  Excuse me? I'm pretty sure an apartment dweller has a reasonable expectation of periodic extermination services, especially after you notify them multiple times of a specific problems like poisonous spiders.

Yowza, thanks Robin for letting me blog this.  It's important to take bites like this seriously and get help immediately like you did.   You've had some hellish weeks on this one--hang in there, girl, and hope you fell better soon!

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