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"Blow Joe" can Blow Me

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:57pm

So I woke up this morning to a comment over on the food blog from a guy who didn't like the pacifier cartoon yesterday. Sure, hey, to each his own. And remember, I did put a disclaimer on it that it was "dirty" so no one would be caught off guard. This guy posted a comment to it that it was "disgusting". Well, actually he said it was "discusting" but I'll make a small assumption on that one, even though he has no sense of humor and couldn't seem to "assume" the cartoon was a joke.

But here's the deal: Mr. Disgusted, the self-appointed arbitrator of morality, goes by the user name of "Blow Joe". Well, my heavens, with a handle like that he can only be a preacher, don't you think? Hey, I often take seriously any moral criticism laid upon me by people named "Blow Joe" or "Suck Sam" or "Do Dave". And on top of that "righteous" user name he provided a bogus email address. I know because I sent an email to him and it was undeliverable. My email had my real name and real email address on it. I, unlike, hit-and- run commenters like "Blow Joe" don't hide behind false names and email addresses when I have something to say. By the way, I deleted the comment. I don't really feel any obligation to give anyone else their viewpoint--it's MY blog--but I refuse to allow the viewpoint of someone who hides.

So "Blow Joe" can pretty much Blow ME and I can only hope he was disgusted enough to not return to my blogs. I have no problem with people choosing their own entertainment or friends. I do so myself all the time. For example, my friends have a sense of humor and can tell a joke when they see it.

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