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Because I <3 genetics, because I care about breast cancer research, and because this happened in Canada…

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:05pm

This week, results were released on sequencing of the genome of a metastatic cancer tumour!! Not only that, but 32 mutations were found in this tumour, that were not found in a primary tumour. EEeee. This means that it’s starting to be possible to understand what kinds of mutations are causing cancer to spread. All cancers are caused by some form of damage to a cell’s DNA, understanding which kind of damage, and when and why it occurs, is a focal point in cancer research. Sequencing the entire genetic makeup (genome) of any organism used to take years, now we can do it in weeks and the techniques are getting faster all the time.

THANK YOU Kerri, for bringing the article to my attention! I’ve been reading up on it…

To see the news article, click here, to see the abstract for the Nature article, click here. This research took place at the BC Cancer agency research institute.

Regular lung-related posting will resume this afternoon…

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