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be subjected to shamballa beads

Posted Nov 05 2012 5:56am
"You say that the cold meeting can't be to really like Yan, you is the man should know that how to think man of?"The month stops an advanced step and looking at sun"This closes you I what matter?I just ignore!"The sun lazily realizes a month and continue to walk"But the Yan is my best friend, I would not like to see she suffer from injury, you tell me, cold had to once say with you what?"The month unwilling Ye lives sun"I ain't clear either he is how think, however seeing the appearance is true!The past didn't see him to which woman so last heart!"The sun consider good short while makes reference to thus!"Boon, so good!"The month Shamballa Earrings point nods, her shape is like is saying, I make the Yan handing over to he!"Ha ha, you the true matter is many, those are their businesses, what do you manage to pool?You should concern us more how develop!"The sun saw lunar shape to smile out:"Who be developing with you?Don't boast!The words say cold walked quickly, they hereafter how do?"Month a push away to close to her sun:"Ah, I say the true oddness of your woman!You take care of so many, leave quickly!Before have a temple!"Sun a hold tight month to run forward!"They how old run so quickly?Is the Yan tired?Wanting don't take a rest bottom at walk?"The cold title looking at top of hill to look for their figures:"Being not tired is taking a rest a short while to can not find them, that before seems a temple, and let's worship!"The Yan looking at a front through the layer after layer tree that ambiguously it is thus clear that of the yellow temple sped a step!A short moment finally arrived at temple doorway behind, the whole temples was full of the smell of Tan joss-stick, smelt whole body relaxed!A middle age monk of system haleness is taking broom to clean up temples yard!"Teacher there is tea and drinks drinking?"Was cold to walk to monk's in front to go one gift:the Yan is conjectured with the strange facial expression cold, seem to be unusually weird!The cold time is overdo to the Yan do a grimace, Yan this just release to keep in mind a small voice of Yan mouth to whisper"Ha ha, this is just like you!""Small benefactor in please, tea and drinks at inside room!"The monk gets cold walked into with Yan!Is lately- walked into cold to get a shock:", You how also here?Still think that you early ran!""We why can not here?All wait you for a long time!You are all the way close close I what do I say?Reveal!"The sun carries tea and drinks and smiles happily ground:"Originally you is together, that sits my many Xie a short whileses!Drink some tea and drinks!"The monk says and then lefted retiring room!"The Yan come over to drink water quickly and give you cool!"Month's starting to carry a cup has already sent to in the hand of Yan to the good tea and drinks!The Yan once connects cup, big of drink, saw appearance really is thirstily don't go!Was cold water looking at the Yan that the thirst is getting worse, smiling to sit down to start to pour one a glass to also taste!"This tea really drink!Have never drunk so drink of tea!"The Yan enjoys to taste very much:"Is not tea and drinks to drink so much, is your thirst Be getting worse?"Is cold to picked up the pot to Yan and pour full one cup!"Like, rest of about, I go out to worship a Buddha, this seems thousand hand view sound?"The Yan walks to looking at inside in the big pond to the doorway of retiring room of thousand hand view sound!"What seem?This be!We worship, imprecation her protect!Conveniently donate some scented ointment money!"Is cold to come over here to pull Yan to walk toward big hall to:2 people kneel on a yellow cushion, silent orison in heart write!Another monk with slightly a little older age reads not to know in a side is what through text, 2 people do obeisance for a while, the monk knocks he hangs before the body of small dhji7465 brass gong!The orotund abnormality of brass gong is clear and crisp!The whole process shows very of decorum!2 people started to do obeisance for a while, cold Shamballa Necklace from the pocket in take out money to put inside the contribution box of going into monk's in front, pulled Yan to walk to go out, sun and month have already waited in the outside at this time!"The benefactor slowly walks!"Was public to leave the temples of taking a rest a short moment in the monk's words!"Get down a temples enter hair and do obeisance several more Buddhas and be subjected to shamballa beads point to protect more!That valley below seems to be also to have temples, go to that!" The sun says and then downwards walks!"Feed, etc. I, I don't want with them together!Otherwise become big light bulb especially!"The month yelled to make track for up:"Ha ha, ignore them, the go is bad walks, I carry you on my back!"Is cold to bend the body:go to the road abnormality of valley rugged, because what to walk is a shortcut, if flop to absolutely didn't good end, but somehow or other Yan didn't refuse, the lying prone of darling is on the cold back, cold smile a back since the Yan, very careful of go toward walk in valley!Lie prone on the cold back, the Yan noodles dew smiling face, her in the mind trusts very much at the moment cold, she believes cold can't make her is subjected to any injury, although is very dangerous,did not be the least bit frightened!"Yan, you aren't worried that we flop?"The Yan didn't answer!Just depend a head on the cold shoulder!Is cold to stop next step, feel, at the moment cold felling everythings of the surroundings are all vain, at the moment of in the valley only have they each other!None of everythings replies existence!
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