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at a certain washington redskin jerseys moment

Posted Nov 17 2012 2:47am
ning? Once upon a time, imagine Wang Anshi "remote is not snow, with a usa nfl jerseys wholesale? subtle fragrance process. In the fragrance after a long cold confided. How strong cohesion s and plain life is best for my life. I like to live a simple and plain, quiet and peaceful, inoffensive life; but also thinking of a city, dreaming of debauchery, the hustle and bustle of city views. However, this beauty is only tantamount to an illusion, a dream, only a dream it seems looming like hazy beauty. Close to the foot, no longer beautiful, beautiful. So, I just want to keep this dream-like dream, maintained a faint feeling, deep thoughts, this alone is sufficient. Maybe this is my life, no fancy stage, but plays a very special role. Perhaps in the hustle and bustle of the city, has left traces of me too much, too many good memories, so I was so fond memories of this city! By late autumn, a little chilly, and will miss flying, fluttering in the autumn. I know, at a certain  washington redskin jerseys moment, always inadvertently think of you, think of you water clarity of the pupil of the eye; think of your sunny smile; think of you gentle and delicate care. Miss, not due to the conversion of the season fades, but with the replacement of the years, such as a cup for a long time the wine, mellow diffuse, the longer the more concentrated. A yearning a city. Thoughts like a surging river rolling. Miss that autumn wind swept leaves of dismay leave its trees, and falling to the ground, like a helpless child. Confusion leaves the heart gently weep, I seem to hear the sound of the wind that trained, trained, intermittent ringing in the ears. Leaves the floor of the wind, and some fell on the grass, they could no longer afford activities; Some fell on the deep ditch hopeless earth can. The leaves fall  peyton manning 18 jersey into the water, on the water drift all the way away, perhaps drifting leaf hearts heaven. Or why the leaves are so happy, you look like a boat as happy to sail distant. However, I stood on the road covered with y
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