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Asthmagirl 1, lungs 1

Posted Sep 14 2008 1:34pm

It may come as no surprise that as opposed to working together, sometimes I and my lungs (Or asthma as TOG reminds me) enjoy a somewhat adversarial relationship.The phenomenon rears it's head on occasions when I want to do something that the lungs are not on board with. This is usually acerbated by TOG, who subscribes to the theory that I can do whatever I want as long as "we take it easy". Mostly he's right but there are times when it just seems that no amount of accommodation can get the lungs to join the team. This was the case yesterday.

On Saturday, we hiked 10 miles with minimal elevation gain, but with a bit of weight on our backs. Yesterday, we hiked only 4 miles with minimal weight (hydration packs) and significant elevation gain. We were gaining about 800-1000 feet per mile. The hiking guide rates the trail a five out of five difficulty. Yes, I can hear you now... "But Asthmagirl, why did you attempt a trail that difficult"? Because I hate limitations. Because I want to believe that TOG is right. Because since getting asthma, I've had a difficult time figuring out how to view myself. It's like this.... as a hiker, I blow. Easy to admit. But as an asthmatic, I rock! I'm very lucky that I can do so much. As an asthmatic hiker...? Where are my limitations? Where do I draw the line? At what point am I achieving a goal and when am I just beating the crap out of my lungs? The line seems very flexible and because of that flexibility, I'm always surprised when I hit the wall.

Since this is only the third time I've hit the wall, and I hit it on a 5 star (in difficulty) trail, I should probably be okay with it. However that attitude was little comfort yesterday when I was dragging my sagging lungs up the side of the mountain, and even less today when I checked my peak flow and find they're still crabby and whiny! Part of me wants to say "I'll go back and kick this trail's butt" however I think it's more realistic to say I probably have better opportunities out there that won't put the lungs and I at such odds with each other!

In any case, I was able to get some great shots every time I collapsed stopped to catch my breath.


Many of these staircases that seemed to keep going!

Trees down

Thick woods throughout!

Down the side

TOG was going nuts while I took this shot!

Hope y'all had a delightful weekend! Enjoy your day!

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