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Asthma tip from a polar bear -part II

Posted Dec 02 2009 6:07pm

For some reason this evening has not been a fun breathing time. I had one of those asthma attacks that seem to come out of the blue and hit you hard. I really hate those, and when I have a few in a row I start to lose my confidence, you know? Anywho I am out of trouble now obviously and am contently sitting propped up in my bed surrounded by study notes.

The only reason I can think of for this flare is that I might have been slightly chilled. I know when I sit still for a long time I can start to get chilly if I’m not wearing slippers and a sweater. All this to say that as I was feeling my chest lock up today, I remembered a very special item that was under my bed: an electric heating pad. I grabbed it and sat myself in my chair with my ventolin and spacer. I stuck the heating pad on my upper back and waited it to heat up, and I daresay it helped tremendously. The heat relaxes the tight and sore muscles in my upper back that I use to breathe, and I wouldn’t doubt it if it had a similar effect on the smooth muscles in my lungs (don’t quote me on this, I’m just speculating).

As you can probably gather from my two posts today, I’m learning that heat (or removal from cold at the very least) can actually play a rather large part in relieving my asthma symptoms and making me feel better : )

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