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Asthma Problems

Posted by swanlogan

Hi, I am new to this Forum and I'm glad to be a part of this forum. I came to know about my asthma one year back. My asthma gets worse when I feel stressed. I start wheezing heavily and my breathing starts to get labored. There are so many reasons that triggers asthma. Tobacco smoke, cold air, exercise and even laughing can cause asthma attacks . On the other hand, people with asthma tell us that they are worse when they are anxious. Really bad attacks which force people to go into hospital often happen after a virus infection of your nose or chest. Some people get asthma if they take aspirin or other painkillers, and some get asthma from dusts or fumes at work.

Does stress can trigger asthma?
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Hey All,


Came across this link on web. Just take a look.

Hi there.

Many years ago, I was diagnosed with several different forms of asthma..Sarcadosis, Broncial Asthma, and around four years ago COPD. Last year I was diagnosed with a disease that I had never heard of called " Churg Strauss Syndrome ", and unfortunatley all of the above aforementioned asthma conditions are all releated to my main condition now...Churg Strauss.

My asthma get's worse during the cold weather here in upstate ny, along with post nasal drip. My CSS and asthma condition are controlled with Prednisone.

I have noticed that there have been times where an asthma attack has gotton worse due to my getting stressed by said attack.


Hey animekid,

Thanks for the information.Sorry to hear about your asthma condition.Well according to a recent study, stress may be a contributing factor. I think that one of the experts referenced in the article specifically says that stress doesn't cause asthma, but rather exasperates it. This study of the connection between stress and asthma has been the story of the week in the world of asthma. 

How'z your asthma now? Is it under control?

Hey Swanlogan.

At the moment, my asthma is fine, of course I have different meds that effect and help control the asthma, which is tied into my CSS condition.

For now it's under control, but as the weather here starts to head into the deep freeze, that will be the real story..I am also going to be starting a two month case study to see if there is a Natural Asthma Cure.

Morning...just as an aside to what you asked me the other day as to my asthma, I woke up this morning and was pretty congested and it took 20 minutes to clear it all out...and the temp up here this morning..31 degrees! Welcome to winter and all that it brings! :)
Hey animekid,

Nice to hear that. Yes I know winter is nearing and we need to very careful.Many identify cold air as triggering asthma. Pulmonary function studies demonstrate that breathing cold air provokes asthma in most people with Asthma.

Precautions may be necessary to avoid inhalation of cold air, such as wearing a special ski mask designed for this purpose. A heavy scarf, worn loosely over the nose and mouth, will also help avoid cold air-induced asthma.

The weather affects outdoor inhalant allergens (pollens and molds). On a windy day more allergens will be scattered in the air, while a heavy rainfall will wash the air clean of allergens. On the other hand, a light rain might wash out pollen, but actually increase mold concentration.

Check this link. I hope it is of some use

Hey Animekid,

Why no reply from you? How'z your asthma? 


Hi Swanlogan,

Yes, stress and anxiety do trigger asthma. My mom is asthmatic, and her anxiety often lead to asthma symptoms, or even worsen it. Besides that, we live in a tropical country, where humid air is also asthmatic people worst enemy!




This link might also help you: Emotion and Stress.



Hi Fanda,

Thanks for the link. It was very informative. How'z your mother's asthma now? Is it under control? How long she has been suffering from asthma?





Hi Swanlogan, and hello to you also Fanda.

Haven't felt too well over the past few days and haven't felt up to doing too much posting. Weather still heading into the teens here in NY, but my asthma has not been bothering me much, but of course I need to be vigilant due to my CSS, as I find myself being congested on and off and have to use my advair accordlingly.

Maybe as a preface to this discussion, I do work in a fragrance factory and we have all kinds of filtration going in my office in order to combat the odors and other stuff that is part and parcel with this industry.


Hey Animekid,

Nice to hear that your asthma is in control. I started taking advair a little over a week ago and I didn't like it at all. It made me feel dizzy and I have anxiety disorder with panic attacks so when I heard about advair causing sudden death in some asthmatics it made me very nervous. How about you? Did it gave you any side effects?


No, but with all the things I deal with from CSS, how would I know. I've been on advair since 05 without any side effects from it.

Hey Animekid,

Glad to hear that you don't have any side effects from Advair. I had gone to the hospital the other day. The doctor said that I need to take some tests for my asthma. My asthma had flared up again.

I'd be interested in knowing why this occured swanlogan

Hey animekid,

The doctor has taken some tests. Just waiting to see what he says. I really don't know the reason for this.That is up to me now to find out what is causing the flare up of my asthma.

Do you just suffer from this one problem or is this tied to a larger issue?

Hey Animekid,

The doctor gave me the results of my asthma tests. It turns out that my asthma is caused by some kind of allergy. What allergy causes my asthma to go up is still unknown. But I am not sure about the test taken by my doctor. I need  to know what kind of tests are conducted to diagnose asthma? Can anyone help me out?

Hey Animekid,

Howz your health? My allergy has caused because of pets. Pet's dead skin flakes, urine, feces, saliva and hair can trigger asthma it seems.I have a cat at home. So the doctor has adviced me to be away from my pet which is very sad.

Hey Anthony,

Thank  you so much for the link. It was interesting. I wish to know  about the tests taken for asthma? Can you help me out?

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