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Asthma - on oxygen 24/7 and joint pains!

Posted by Janine F.

In July, my asthma got really bad, then had pneumonia and pleurisy pains. Then a pulmonary embolism.  Then I had to be on 24/7 oxygen because I couldn't breathe without it. Also, I have joint pains BIG time. doctors put me on prednisone because of the asthma (and the joint pains).  I gained 50 pounds! I've been reading about adrenal cortex supplements?  and have also read about a treatment with low dose antibiotics - tetracycline - for the pains. Has anyone had anything similar?
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PE occurs when a clot usually from the leg vein lodges in the main artery of the lung. A large clot may even cause acute right heart failure & sudden dealth. If it is not fatal, the patient will experience a sudden onset of breathlessness & rapid respiration. This is due to reduced blood supply to the lungs. The clot is formed in the leg vein when a person lies in hospital for a long period. Obesity, immobilisation, leg trauma, taking oral contraceptives all increase the risk of developing clots in the leg vein.

The circumstances under which breathlessness is experienced are helpful to the doctor. Rapidity of onset of breathlessness is by far the most important part of history to help doctor with the diagnosis. Past history and the presence of pain is also very important to the doctor.

thank you Clim.  I had the PE one week after I had a Nissen fundoplication surgery. I had "aspiration" pneumonia so this cleared up most of asthma. Sometimes PE's happen after surgeries. I am lucky I got to ER. But it's been almost 8 months of oxygen. Shouldn't I be back to normal breathing by now?
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