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Asthma food allergy related?

Posted by C.L. R.

I have asthma when I am around cats, do to an allergic reaction to the dander in my lungs. As far as I know, I have no food allergies, but at some restaurants I'll feel it set in a bit. Is it possible that food allergies or a spice in the air or something can cause asthma?
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Although I'm sure it's possible, I have never met anyone with just one allergy. If you are able I think that allergy/food allergy testing is a good idea. In reference to what Tracy said above, in addition to MSG, sulfites/sulfates and nitrites/nitrates are also known to aggrevate asthma.
I have food allergy too. Eating in a restaurant could be tricky if you don't know exactly which allergen you are allergic to. So, I agree with Charmaine, the easiest way is to take an allergy test. After that, everytime you dine in restaurants, always read the menu carefully, and always make sure that the food you are ordering doesn't contain the food allergen you must avoid. Hey, it sounds very complicated, but after a while you'll get used to your food allergy. And you know what? Having allergic to certain food gives you chance to explore other foods that you might not liked before. Always try to make the best of your allergy!
this may seem silly, but the building the restaurant is in could have mold. My asthma is always triggered by older buildings, I'm like a walking mold test. They have a blood test for this if you want to find out...
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