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Apple iPad mini will help Apple to get more market share

Posted Oct 25 2012 10:57am

According to Xinhua News Agency United States Apple released smaller screen size iPad mini Tablet PC on 23rd, this new product is expected to consolidate its leading position in the tablet computer market. Arrangements according to Apple, iPad mini goes on sale November 2, priced at $ 329 (2,055RMB).

Technically has no significant innovation

Apple executives in the Silicon Valley City of San Jose held a press conference in the day, said the iPad mini display is 7.9 inches, the major functionality is similar to 9.7-inch screen Apple iPad, but only 7.2 mm thickness, weighing some 308 grams more slimmer than the regular iPad.

The iPad mini prices are more affordable. Capacity of 16GB, only supports Wi-Fi wireless local area network connection, entry-level products in the United States market recommended retail price is $ 329. Same capacity, supports both wireless LAN and support multiple wireless network standards worldwide price is $ 459.

Some analysts noted that the iPad mini has no significant innovation in technically, equivalent to Apple's second-generation iPad in configuration "versions", but its low price point and more portability would have on broader appeal to consumer.

Help Apple hold on to market share

Apple launched the iPad for the first time in early 2010, opening up a Tablet PC this new product categories, sales have exceeded 100 million units to date. Late Apple founder Steve Jobs was not very happy about the small size of the Tablet, but in recent years, companies such as Amazon and Google has launched the popular 7 inches cheap Tablet PC, gradually eating into its market share, Apple cannot be ignored.

The industry believes, iPad mini is likely to help in small tablet market to Apple competitors form an effective squeeze. Earlier this year, market research firm IDC predicted that launched this new product will allow on the Apple in the tablet computer market to save over 60% share in 5 years.

Accidental release iPad 4

Apple also released the fourth generation iPad 9.7-inch screen in the same day, it comes with A6X chip. The chip has about twice times for A5X used performance representing the iPad.

Apart from the fourth generation of iPad, Apple also launched 13-inch laptop that equipped with HD "retina display", and the new iMac integrated desktop computers such as the design of new products. United States consultant Forrester forecasts market research firm in Epes in one posting that on that day, these new products added recently launching iPhone5, means Apple in coming before the year-end holiday shopping season has prepared an unprecedented and powerful product portfolio, this performance will boost Apple's continued growth.

Apple said iPad mini and fourth generation Wi-Fi version of the iPad will be available beginning November 2 in more than 30 countries and regions, including Hong Kong, other models will be listed in a few weeks. According to the internal news said Apple also launched some iPad mini accessories, such like iphone5, ipod and ipad 2 ago, cheap iphone 5 cases, cheap ipod cases, cheap ipad 2 cases, cheap iPad mini cases are coming.

United States Forbes magazine recently published review articles, saying that Apple's latest release of 7.9 inch Tablet iPad mini had no surprises, and lists five reasons for it not worth to buy, including low resolution, high price, doomed to fall behind after half a year, weak A5 processor and Microsoft, or exit Windows 8/RT 7-inch tablet computer. Following is a summary of the contents of the original:

1, low resolution

Apple's hardware engineers do not feel ashamed in front of their global popularity, iPad mini shape is slender with perfect 1024x768 resolution but it's exactly what iPad 2 – while the screen to narrow to 7.9 inches and PPI (pixels per inch) was increased to 163, but can't compete with the third generation of the iPad 2048x1536 "retina (Retina)".

2, high price

Previously rumored iPad mini price or is $ 299, and Apple's suggested retail price is $ 329-which is Apple's acting for the high-priced, but this product is a bit poor. 16GB version of Google Nexus 7 Tablet price is $ 249, and it will give Google Play $ 25 Gift Store store coupons, and there are rumors that Nexus 7 will be cut in the near future. And compared to the most direct rival 7-inch Android tablets, iPad mini price is a lack of competitiveness.

3, A5 processor is too weak

Not only iPad mini is identical to the iPad 2 in the resolution, its dual-core processor is also the same as A5 – third generation A5X Quad graphics processing units of the iPad jacket!

4, Microsoft will launch Windows 8 RT 7 inch Android Tablet

I will not speak the ambitions of Google and Amazon in the Tablet area, Microsoft's Windows 8 should not be overlooked. Hardware manufacturers such as Dell, Asus has launched around the Windows 8 Tablet PCs and touch-screen Ultra, introduced 7 inch Tablet Windows 8 RT is also only a matter of time before. In addition, Microsoft might like the Surface launched as its own smaller size tablets, to other hardware manufacturers to establish a "benchmark".

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