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Another (wet) Medical Monday!

Posted Jan 25 2010 12:00am

Why does it always rain on a Monday?

Not that I really have much to moan about as I do not have to be at my wet cold soggy school until Wednesday and hopefully by then it will be dry!

So the purpose of this entry is, I have to go get my bloods done this morning. Wonderful. A soggy wet Monday and a run in with the vampires! I’ve been counting down until today actually as I’ve now been on my serum potassium supplement (slow-k 600mg) for 2 weeks. I can feel how much better I am in myself, not so deathly fatigued like I was over Christmas, and something of a decent appetite too which is beneficial in all respects. But we need to check this drug is doing what it should  and that I am approaching something of the normal serum K range. I don’t want to stay on these for ever. I have my own personal pharmacy at home here and am on 1st name terms with my Pharmacist as it is. Surely I could just consume truck loads of bananas, green leafy vegetables and quinoa! But until I have a level over 4 (mine is currently 2.8) on the slow-k I will remain!

Of course, as all of us know, cold day, buried veins, although my veins are still pretty prominent and holding their own, so we’ll see…….wish me well, I’ll probably wait weeks for the result anyways!

Needle anyone!

…..Edited on Tuesday……

I simply had to add this sign……

The woman sitting next to me in the Waiting Room was yacking incredibly loudly in a foreign language on her phone….maybe she simply didn’t understand the English? So there was I, minding my own business, tweeting silently to Kerri & co, and like the quieter everybody else was, the louder she yacked, for the whole 30 mins I had to wait.

But I did cough loudly though!

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