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Annihilation is the BOSS right ahead cone 60 °

Posted Feb 02 2013 2:01am
The BOSS has three skills, flank of, juli attack and kill. The flank of is BOSS summons a group of do not attack the younger brother, from site to site walked on the other side, behavior way be positive to scrape is 500000 damage, come back died. Annihilation is the BOSS right ahead cone 60 ° cast AOE after a few seconds dealing 1.5 million damage, such as the black Angle of shock wave, hacked to death. Wear BOSS can.


A mob in the middle, so the way of Cain throw a method array is used to deal with an emergency. Portal can need not put. The battle mobile partial much, can consider to put archimonde into kj yells. Can consider a sacrifice, sacrifice with strengthening BB, belt grandmother to play. Hide good skills with tanks standing front line, there is no special circumstances will maximize read whip do output.

P2 (provisional crazy emperor is P2)

Three other BOSS random, so first hypothesis in addition two BOSS is dead. Such word means the have in addition to the first dead cruel emperor with the flank of skills and the other two hunters BOSS emperor seize and shadow emperor shadow of the undead, these two skills follow below say. The BOSS is in the crazy and cowardice two state alternating, and at the same time, cast roars and crazy idea, crazy state as crazy power ascension the damage to tanks the Cowardice is infinite fled, along with the ascension of the crazy power against injury increase. Crazy roar let DK put all the people into the crazy state can't play BOSS, the DK pull together A little A once line; Crazy idea is read a added to article 10 crazy power, crazy condition is melee take turns to interrupt, cowardice state if melee beyond distance by remote interrupt. Because of a hypothesis, so the flank of and rapine and shadow of the undead, that is, need to disperse, and if no hypothesis, the second activation is the BOSS, then continue to several position is also possible.
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