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Allergy And Asthma Alerts During Christmas

Posted Dec 07 2009 12:02am 1 Comment

Christmas is coming soon… Many of you have made preparation for the big holiday. However, for you who have allergy, or live with person who has asthma, there are things you must keep alerted.

Christmas is not complete without Christmas trees and all the decorations. In fact, the spirit of Christmas is good for asthmatic people. Holiday is a perfect time for relax, however there are small things that can ruin your perfect holiday! Follow these tips to make sure your Christmas holiday is perfect, free from allergy…

Both live and artificial tree have each asthma inducers. If you choose the live one, be careful of the mold and pollen usually found on the trunk. Make sure you wash the trunk with garden hose, and leave it on the porch or garage until it dried, before you bring the tree inside the house. Don’t forget to wear your gloves while washing it to avoid skin contact with the sap.

If you choose artificial Christmas tree, be careful of dust and mold covered the tree during one year of storage! Dust mites and mold are few of the most asthma inducer. Wash it outside the house before sitting it up at your living room. After Christmas, you can store the tree in an air-tight bag or container until next year.

The Christmas tree ornaments can also give a problem if you’re not cautious. Clean them from dust and mold, using a wet cloth before decorating your tree. And don’t forget to store it in an air-tight bag or container after use.

Artificial snow spray is not recommended for indoor usage, especially in an asthmatic people houses. Avoid also scented candles or potpourri, which often trigger asthma.


Last but not least, stick to your diet! Christmas does not mean you can forget your diet. Keep away from all allergen. If you are invited in a party, ask the host whether he/she prepare foods that you are allergic to. To keep precaution, have a light meal at home before going to the party, so you won’t be too hungry to say “No” to the delicious foods.

So, asthma and allergy can be reduced at anytime, as long as you keep alerted to all the danger. Happy holiday, and have A very merry Christmas this year!
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I agree, When I was 9 year old, my brother in law has an asthma.  I am nervous when his asthma attacked during Xmas  day.  I don't want to ruin our holiday.  My mother, brother in law and I, went to the Hospital here in Arizona, to checked his asthma.  I am amazed with the professional look of the doctors and nurses.  Donning those what they called adar lab coats.  They looked fabulous and elegant.  On that they, my dream is made. I want to be a doctor someday.  Now, I am a license doctor here in Arizona.  Thank God, my brother in law nas no asthma...i hope it will not back again...especially, Xmas day is coming again.
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