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After listening to the air max tn cheap discourse Lei Xia Chen

Posted Oct 08 2012 2:49am
Lei Xia fast eating breakfast at the door, and went to the front of the bike, the bike keys and plug in the bike keyhole to find out from the back pocket of the jeans, Xia Lei riding a bike fast riding toward the open-air stage where to go. Since it was early morning, on the road now almost no one, yes, but also some morning exercise the air max skyline cheap   elderly Bale. Lei Xia way quickly stepping bicycle pedals, the bike fast forward. Soon to open-air stage, Lei Xia finally saw the road with dance practice companion. "Xiang, Viagra, Adger, Satsuki, a little faster, and the next week going to the match, we have to hurry to Hiphop to training skilled point." Lei Xia side of fast riding, the side facing the four people said. "Looks like you late to Jeremiah than we." Satsuki finding fault and said: "But Lei Xia you are right, and indeed have to hurry Hiphop training skilled, or disgrace in the game when Jeremiah." Lei Xia ignore the Word of Satsuki front of other people say: "Come on!"

Five people chatting chatting to reach the open-air dance hall, open-air dance hall, only one person - the coach is also the school's dance teacher. "Five little bastard, hurry to me over the line dancing, if next week's game is a disgrace to me, you look good!" Chen sturdy coach said angrily. Five people heard this horrible sound, and hurried to their bike locked trot came to Chen sturdy front. Lei Xia ashamed lead said: "Coach, we will not give you a disgrace." After listening to the air max tn cheap discourse Lei Xia Chen biaohan finally stop the angry front of five people, said: "do not hurry to start rehearsals , do not have much time left. "Five people quickly lined formations, Xiang, and Viagra standing in formation front the Adger and Satsuki row behind the Xiang and Viagra, the location of the two but also a little further than Xiang and Viagra, the last the leader Lei Xia is standing in the middle of the four of the five arranged in a pentagram formation of the modified version of the team image of a five lined a soaring eagle.Ready, music is about to begin! "Chen sturdy came to the side of the" rice cooker "shape next to the player, press the play button. Immediately, a Han song "Cursive" began to play.
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