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A cheap nike air max 95 person of integrity to have friends and happy

Posted Dec 27 2012 2:33am
 If a person has no friends,  nike air max 90 uk just like life without sunshine. Between people to live in harmony, honesty and trustworthiness, learn to forgive others, to help each other; some people and others do not, and because trifle irritating; dishonesty Some people lose the trust of the people; Some people can not tolerate others the shortcomings; some people happy together, but does not rise or fall as one reason to make them lose their friendship, which is how the tragic! Honesty is really valuable! When dealing with people, we hope that the other side is a man of honor. And the words and deeds of the people who do not want to deal with.

And you did, you little things also reflect you in the end is not a trustworthy person. So, no matter how small, we can not break faith. Credibility is the most valuable wealth of a person. Trust and say and do. Not everyone can become a great man, but everyone can be a "credit". A cheap nike air max 95 person of integrity to have friends and happy. Take a step backward! No one is perfect, if we care about the total where others do not perfect, we are hard to make friends. Tolerance for interpersonal opened up a Sunshine Boulevard. Forgive others fault, it should be good to remind others, helping others to correct shortcomings. Books are our friends.
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