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22 day china panarama tour with 07/18

Posted Jul 18 2013 2:24am


Shoppers can shop to their hearts content, but  China travel  the architecture is also worth a look at as well. Li Wans other tourist attraction is Sha Mian Island, an islet in the Pearl River. Before China became independent in 1949, this island was rented out to Westerners. The heavily shaded island has a cluster of European-style buildings, including the United States' consulate.

More than 10 ethnic groups are scattered in "#FRT718" Guanxi so there are many traditional ethnic festivals in Guilin. Zhuang Nationality Song Festival on March 3rd of Chinese lunar year is also known as Gepo Festival and Gewei Festival. During the festival, young women and men wear their best clothes, and men hold their precious gifts and women take Xiuqiu, a ball made of silk. Then they begin to sing in antiphonal style. If one girl is satisfied with a boy's song, she throw her ball to the boy and the boy ties his gift on the ball. In this way, young men and women choose their mates.

Miao Nationality New Year is celebrated after autumn harvest. It is also a festival to celebrate the harvest. The date of Miao Nationality New Year are different in different region where Miao Nationality lives. During the festival, the young men play Lusheng, an ancient instrument of Miao people while girls dance to the music.-

The White Horse Shopping Plaza and the  Guilin tours  Mediterranean Marketplace near the railway station form Guangzhou's biggest wholesale clothing market, attracting many vendors from North China. The Qing Ping Market is South Chinas biggest market for agricultural products, which include vegetables, flowers, grain, meat, seafood, Chinese medicinal herbs and pets, as well as antiques. While in the Li Wan District you can take a night cruise on the Pearl River. They say you've never been to Guangzhou, if you did not experience a night cruise at the Pearl River. 2. Yue Xiu District -  Lhasa Travel Guide  Located in central Guangzhou is the district's claim to fame, the Beijing Road. There is prestigious shopping along Beijing Road and near it.

The two most famous shopping areas include Yang Zhong Women's Street, Gao Di Street, and The Fashion Street. Yue Xiu is also the political and cultural center of Guangzhou.Under the Beijing Road stands ancient streets built 800 years ago. When the government excavated this part of the street they left it exposed so that visitors who are shopping can see the streets through glass. 3. Dong Shan District - Located on the eastern side of Guangzhou, the majority of this district developed after the Peoples Republic of China was founded in 1949. Qu Zhuang and Tao Jin Keng (means 'Gold-digging Cave')  China tour operator   are notable business areas in Guangzhou. Most foreigners live here in Guangzhou.

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