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13 history! Lebron beyond Bryant into the most young two very Sir

Posted Jan 18 2013 3:29am
The heat at golden state, the second quarter to two points for 45 seconds, lebron jumper, let his career total to 20001 points, and kobe Bryant, beyond in NBA history to get two very the youngest player. Lebron today is and years, 17 days, kobe Bryant is in 29, 122 day break two very mark. In addition to lebron, NBA history and 37 players scored more than two very much, they are: kareem abdul-jabbar, Karl Malone, Jordan, joba chamberlain, kobe Bryant, shaq, Moses - Malone, elvin hayes, hakeem Nike Shox NZ olajuwon, Robertson, Wilkins, harvard cut g, eng force assorted, reggie miller, jerry west, ewing, Kevin garnett and Allen iverson, nowitzki, Charles barkley, ray Allen, Parrish, Pierce, Duncan, Dan's interest, baylor, Clyde drexler, peyton, Byrd, carter, Hal - case lille, Craig Bellamy, Emmanuel petit, David Robinson, case article, Ritchie mond, Chambers. Add lebron, active players, eight people in total break two very mark. For lebron speaking, two very no doubt is a great feat, especially considering he doesn't score is give priority to players. The generation, be regarded as super scorer of muskmelon Anthony, career behind lebron total score 3000 points. However, from the session to see, the fastest to two very not lebron, but wilt chamberlain, he only 499 games, Jordan in the 620 games, Robertson 671 games, kareem abdul-jabbar 684 games, baylor 711 games, iverson 713 games, o 'neal 727 games. This season is lebron career the most efficient one season, 54.6% from the field and 40.7% from three are the highest career, he averaged 26 points can be scored 8.2 assists and 6.9 steals. Career lebron averaged 27.6 points, 7.2 rebounds and 6.9 assists. In addition, in the game just Nike Shox R4 opening soon, lebron will send out your career 5000 assists, and thus become history on 13th and scored 20000 points and 5000 assists player. According to the ESPN reported that in recent interviews, lebron said, now the lakers are concern and criticism than the 2010-11 season, when people are heat with a microscope to see them. To this, but kobe Bryant does not think, but also to ridicule the lebron. "That (he said) what's the point?" Bryant said, "don't (because the lakers as the heat attention), he can therefore be reward a piece of cookies?" On Friday, the lakers will be a home clash with defending champion Miami heat, this will be a high-profile game. In the summer of 2010, lebron and bosh, and join the Miami heat guard dwyane wade partner. The 2010-11 season, before the heat only 17 games have won nine wins and negative record, the whole season and win has 24 negative, and to the NBA finals, but eventually lost to Dallas. Last summer, the lakers into Nash and Howard, and kobe Bryant and pau gasol formed four giant. But because of Nike Shox Agent injury, they four people together to play it's not too much time. And kobe Bryant, lebron's comments to Howard said understand, especially considering the lebron leave knight caused great repercussions, even lebron had become a national public enemy. "Because lebron do and doing things the way, most people hate him," Howard said, "not only did he choose to leave the knight, but also through the television direct transmission way to make a decision. But for the lakers into Nash and me, people don't feel hate, this is the difference. As for pressure, everyone is looking forward to we can obtain 82-0 negative, so we carried on a lot of pressure. Every time he got on the pitch, we can feel the pressure, each time missed the ball or let opponents score, we will feel the pressure. People will feel disappointed, they don't think we should let opponents in our heads score. You know, we had a lot of pressure.When it comes to the playoffs last season, Howard hard mask, frustration, and, with a back injury, he had to submit an expense account early season. "I for him (the title) feel happy," Howard said. "I'm mad at his injured. Therefore, I have to on the bed to watch the Nike Shox O Leven finals, but I was very happy to see him get rid of the left Cleveland encountered after the haze. "We treat things in different ways, I go his own way, he went his way. We all want to win, it is our purpose to play. He three times, and the last time they reached the NBA finals success (the title). I hope I don't need to spend such a long time." Yesterday, the former laker Robert horry told ESPN radio interviews that, Howard should learn to keep attention, become more serious, don't always some hippies.
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