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38 year old mother of four (6, 4, 2, and 3 mo) who needs to make time to make herself well again
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sharp burning pain in breast and nipple while breast feeding

I am having sharp burning pain in breast and nipple while breast feeding. It originates from the nipple and travels back into the breast 1-2 inches...

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MummyBrown wrote on artisticmamma's Whiteboard. Aug 25 2010

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Aug 25 2010 by MummyBrown
Hi, I added you as my friend because I read your post on the sharp burining pain in breast and nipple. I am suffering just now. What you been through exactly the same with me. I am wondering if you receive answers or consultations. If yes, care to share? I am a mother of 1, baby is 4 months old :) 


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