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Yoga for Runners: Earth Yoga Clothing Giveaway by laurakboll Posted Mon 22 Oct 2012 7:30am 4 Comments Maybe it’s in my head, but I feel like I stand out in the yoga classes I’ve been too. I’m the one in the back with the tight hamstrings, trying to look as smooth and limber as the instructor and majority of the other participants.  I can usually pick out the other runners as well.  But as a runner, the benefits of yoga are many! They include: ... Read on »
Alo Yoga Clothing Giveaway! by Gena Patient Expert Posted Fri 09 Dec 2011 1:39pm When I promise you a good giveaway, friends, I deliver a good giveaway! A long time ago, I discovered Alo clothing through Melissa’s review . It sounded like a fantastic company to me: eco-conscious, hip, dynamic, and versatile. This is a thoughtful company, and a passionate one. I loved reading their mission statement online ... Read on »
Yoga Clothes -- What Are We Really Buying? by Diane C. Patient Expert Posted Tue 15 Mar 2011 10:43pm I like to keep things positive, but every now and again, I have to get something off my chest. The pet peeve on my mind right now is yoga clothes. Why is it that the price of a pair of pants virtually doubles when you put the word "yoga" in front of it? I recently had a little experience that's made me think twice about all of those yoga clot ... Read on »
Yoga Clothing by Sarah D. Posted Sun 21 Aug 2011 4:38am I'm the first to acknowledge yoga in it's truest form is an art, I however am totally crap at it, honestly I've never been able to get good at yoga, I love doing it but for some reason my brain has just never really got it. But, it is also completely undeniable: The physical practice of yoga sure does know how to completely transform ... Read on »
Practice Om And Namaste In Style With These Eco-Friendly Yoga Clothing And Gear by roswelleim Posted Tue 15 Nov 2011 11:07am Yoga is all about balance – within yourself and with those around you. Bring an earth-balance to your life with these stylish yet greener yoga gear. 1. Dream Yoga Mats Dream Yoga mats are perfect for any yoga pose of a green yogi. These are made from embroidered thermal plastic elastomer (TPE – an eco-friendly material) that’s nontoxic, P ... Read on »
Be Present yoga clothing review & giveaway by Tara B. Patient Expert Posted Thu 18 Aug 2011 7:13pm I received a pair of Mobility Pants in currant from maker of great yoga clothes for women and men. And, if you’re not into yoga but want comfy clothes, they’re the ones for you! Be Present is a small family owned business that values close relationships with clients, environmentally friendly practices and doing the right thin ... Read on »
Beautiful, Sexy Yoga Clothes from MPG by Rachel M. Patient Expert Posted Sat 17 Dec 2011 7:12pm This week I was generously given the opportunity to try out MPG Sport’s new styles for winter. Can I just say that I am always impressed with the details that MPG puts into their clothes? For purposes of review, the sent me the Gemini Shawl Cardigan in black and it is beautiful. This cardigan is a lightweight fabric with internal warmt ... Read on »
Baby Yoga Clothing by Michele W. Patient Expert Posted Sun 31 May 2009 9:14am A while back I did a post on baby yoga, classes that mom and baby can do together. Well as a followup to that I wanted to share with you some really adorable baby yoga clothing lines I've come across. Lotus Children carries "Omsies" and tee shirts. The lion toddler tee is a clever design . yogaspeakbaby's" Store at Zazzle has a few onesi ... Read on »
Divine Blessings Yoga Clothes Review & Giveaway by Tara B. Patient Expert Posted Fri 23 Dec 2011 3:16pm I’m loving the Breathe shirts I received from . I love what Breathe is all about . The Global Breath Awareness Movements TM, sponsored by Divine Blessings Clothing Line, vision is to bring to all communities the awareness of the conscious breath and how conscious breathing allows one to improve the quality of their lif ... Read on »
Spiritual Gangster- Yoga Clothing Review by Twinkletoes63 Posted Mon 19 Aug 2013 5:49pm Living in NYC I love feeling stylish and confident in my workout clothes.  I’ve been following (stalking?) this company  Spiritual Gangster for a while now because I love their name and one of their tag lines is ‘ Peace Love Yoga ‘ – aka designed for me. After reviewing (and sweating) several of their pieces I can say they are ... Read on »