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Mole or gopher? by Amy G. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 27 Apr 2009 10:36pm During each of the first several winters of the years after I bought my house I planted dozens (hundreds) of flower bulbs. All different types and colors, lovingly plopped into the ground in the front and the side flower beds. I had 4 or 5 glorious springs with massive displays of flowers that lasted a couple of months each year. That all ende ... Read on »
Oh the places you’ll go by Whitlikesfit Posted Mon 06 May 2013 12:00am I just got back from my cousin’s graduation dinner.  It’s crazy to believe that Connor is graduating from college! I can still clearly remember when I went back to Washington DC to see him when he was a brand new baby.  I remember his little nursery – with blue clouds and sheep. And new he’s all grown up, getting ready to head back to Washingto ... Read on »
Locker Room Smack Down! by runaroundaroo Posted Fri 11 Jun 2010 12:00am Ooooh, today it went down in the locker room! I go into the Y and spin early in the morning, so I end up in the locker room around 7am. There is are two water aerobic classes in the pool, one at 8am and one at 9am. There is also an early morning “SilverSneakers” class. So while I am in the locker room there are a whole bundle of older ... Read on »
My absence explained, and another of my favorite trees. by Ken C. Patient Expert Posted Fri 12 Oct 2012 1:51am I have been an AWOL blogger lately. This is the longest I have gone between posts since--well, forever. But I have a good excuse. We closed on our new (to us) house on September 27, and the week(s) preceding that were filled with jumping through hoops gathering info for the underwriter of our loan. Throw in some busy times at work, and I had no t ... Read on »
Running and eating and drinking, oh my! by Amy G. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 22 Oct 2008 6:15pm This weekend was full of family and food. My mom came to town for the weekend on Friday night. My brother picked her up at the airport, gathered his family and met me at a little Mexican restaurant, La Cochina Mexicana, in Orinda. Knowing I was running the next morning, I didn't have any of the margaritas they had ordered. Because I really wa ... Read on »
Thankful Thursday by Ashley's Mom Patient Expert Posted Sat 13 Jun 2009 12:24am Today's list of things for which I am most thankful... That Thursday is just one day away from the last day of the work week Police officers and fire fighters Long lived lives. My friend, Josie’s, grandmother passed away this week at the wonderful age of 98 Really salty pistachios Children who listen and do what is ... Read on »
NATIONAL DOG BITE PREVENTION WEEK by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Fri 07 Aug 2009 12:13pm 1 Comment The American Veterinary Medical Association has joined with several other organizations and professional associations in proclaiming this next seven days, May 17-23, 2009, as National Dog Bite Prevention Week. Whether you own a dog or not, this problem could affect you and/or your family. If you're the dog owner, you are ultimately responsible for ... Read on »
The Orange Armadillo by BwhoUR Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Tue 04 Nov 2008 3:10pm On a day when anxiety is high, I thought I'd keep things light today and tell you about the Orange Armadillo. If you're not from Texas or the South and haven't personally been acquainted with an armadillo, no, they aren't normally orange. Or tail-less. But this one was, orange and without her tail, that is. It started back in 2006 on ... Read on »
DOGS THAT DIG, VITAMIN D TOXICITY, AND ONLINE DRUGS.... by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 17 Oct 2010 12:00am Well, apparently, having a dog roll in something "yucky" doesn't upset a pet owner as much as having the dog eat feces...coprophagia, as discussed a few weeks ago.  Helpful Buckeye did, however,  receive several e-mails about different "yucky" things dogs had rolled in...a decaying turkey carcass, mildewed/decomposing leaves, and a pile of old r ... Read on »
Bread-Thief by Beth S. Patient Expert Posted Wed 09 Sep 2009 10:12pm This morning I went back to the track. O and I ran round and round and round and then I was really tired. Right now I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open as I type. We ran 5+ miles of intervals. We ran hard. This, I know, because now my stomach is aching. Running hard = aching stomach. This is the secret reason why runners are so thin. ... Read on »