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TO LABOR OR NOT ON LABOR DAY.... by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 05 Sep 2010 12:00am Most of us will enjoy at least a part of the Labor Day weekend kicking back and relaxing.  Labor Day was established as a holiday to recognize all American workers and their contribution to our nation's accomplishments.  Of course, there are workers who are classified as "essential" and they may be working over the weekend so that "essenti ... Read on »
THESE MIGHT BE THE MIGHTIEST OF THE MITES.... by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Fri 07 Aug 2009 12:13pm Let's hear it for the rest of the mites! We've discussed the ticks and the ear mites, which leaves us with the last of the 8-legged external parasites...those pesky, burrowing creatures that are not-so-affectionately paired with the word "MANGE!"Now that we've got your undivided attention, welcome to Questions On Dogs and Cats for this week's visit ... Read on »
HALLOWEEN AND DOG BREEDS by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 28 Oct 2012 12:00am You've heard Helpful Buckeye say many times before that the Halloween holiday period is one of the most dangerous for pets.  There are many reasons for this...frightened dogs getting loose from their owners, either when walking or going out the front door; dogs getting into all the piles of candy and treats being offered; and dogs getti ... Read on »
Black Stays Black, White Stays White For Longer with Nivea Deodorant Invisible for Black and White... by iamsutil Posted Fri 02 Aug 2013 7:45pm Please like me on Facebook ( IambrigittePage ) and follow me on Twitter ( _IAmBrigitte_ ) and Instagram (Iambrigitte) Read on »
Weird White Spots by Florence F. Patient Expert Posted Mon 28 Feb 2011 12:50pm As I mentioned in another post, I had noticed some wired, confetti-like white spots on my face. I don't know where they came from or what they are from. I kind of stopped noticing them. Once you live with something for a certain period of simply just stop noticing it. Also, the lighting in my bathroom isn't the greatest. Ei ... Read on »
Its ultra-portable and includes a red and black coloring with hip-hop brand design. by bydrelet Posted Wed 09 Jan 2013 3:35am  Its ultra-portable and includes a red and black coloring with hip-hop brand design. cheap beats by dr dreIncluding a sizable way of measuring the ear-inch, from end to end, 1 / 2 of which is composed of weapons held by the ear. Several sizes of silicone earbuds are included, but comfort continues to be a problem with many critics Womens Cloth ... Read on »
Franklin Marshall Men Black color Short Fleece Pants by kennidee Posted Thu 07 Jun 2012 4:00am The specific actualization together with tshirts were motivated with the body art behavior that’s annoyed right credit rating linked having Franklin and Marshall Hooded sweatshirts. During drop several months, physique support frames can simply agree to most beneficial Franklin and Marshall Prolonged Sleeve Surfaces which regularly can achieve ever ... Read on »
Prada BR3571 Black color Synthetic leather Tote – Your Best Selection by mingyue Posted Tue 30 Oct 2012 3:42am Funds are no problem, what cause you to be side tracked quite simply don't know in which artist handbag can look very good giving you inside each day use along with some professional events. Certainly not be reluctant any longer, you're strongly suggested to discover the product &ndash Prada which not just layout clutches but will also make scent ... Read on »
Get Free From Air Jordan Pas Cher The Reddish And In To The Black color by strachey Posted Thu 17 Jan 2013 2:33am Lots of people 49ers super bowl jersey need to have assistance keeping their personal financial situation so as. A lot of people may need help conserving and Air Jordan preparation their portfolios, others only need aid pinching pennies and making the most of anything they now have. With a little luck, the following tips will allow you to no m ... Read on »
Cheap Toms Shoes Suede Men Desert Botas Black color Stripe Toms Canvas New Style Shoes by bananatabor Posted Tue 05 Mar 2013 6:06am Related articles: toms Womens Shoes:Color Stripe Toms Canvas New Style Shoes Summer day, warm day! Buy toms shoes from our toms shoes online shop. Discount toms should be your feet paradise, every pair of it is designed in the latest style and the match of colour will attract your eye sight wherever it is. The toms shoes has various different kind ... Read on »