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Colon Anatomy, Healthy Colon Function, and Constipation by Donna Earnest Pravel Posted Sun 20 May 2012 12:43pm Hey y'all! A few weeks ago I wrote a post introducing detox herbs.  I began a series on detoxification using herbs by first explaining the role of the colon in detoxification.  Today I want to describe a common health issue, constipation, that can occur in the colon if we do not eat a healthy diet and regularly cleanse our colons. This may s ... Read on »
Fort Lauderdale Colonics, colon irrigation, colon hydrotherapy, Miami, south Florida colon cleanse detox, colonic Miami, Florida by hominid9 Posted Sun 13 Dec 2009 1:44pm   (786) 416 - 3787 Read on »
Fort Lauderdale Colon irrigation Florida Miami colonics colon cleansing Fort Lauderdale Miami colonic detox by hominid9 Posted Mon 28 Dec 2009 2:56pm   (786) 416 - 3787  (561) 251 -6409   We offer Colonics, colon cleansing, colon irrigation, colon cleanse, detox for South florida, Miami and Fort Lauderdale residents.   Offering Colonics In Miami & Colon Hydro Therapy to following nearby cities: Aventura | ... Read on »
What Is Colon Cancer And Colon Cancer Treatment by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert Posted Mon 30 Mar 2009 3:20pm 1 Comment One 6-letter word that places fear into the hearts and minds of many people in this day and age is the word ‘ Cancer ’. I would venture to say that this fear is most likely the result of a lack of knowledge of the disease. If you fall into that category, then hopefully the information that you receive here will put you at ease, as well as inspire ... Read on »
Colonic Hydrotherapy and Colon Cleansing; Time to Bend Over? by MKirschMD Posted Sun 11 Dec 2011 6:00am Garden Hoses in Assorted Colors A few times each month, a patient asks me for my opinion on colonics. They ask me because I am a gastroenterologist, and I am supposed to know this stuff. After 2 decades of performing colonic intrusions, I should be well qualified to respond to these alimentary inquiries. To those who are unfamiliar wit ... Read on »
The Difference Between a Healthy Colon and a Diseased Colon by Donna Earnest Pravel Posted Sun 10 Jun 2012 8:45pm Hey y'all! Today I want to show you the difference between what a healthy colon and a seriously diseased colon with polyps and colorectal cancer look like with a colonoscopy camera. I am getting a colonoscopy scheduled myself, because colon cancer runs in my family and I want to reduce my risk as much as possible and as early as possible. ... Read on »
COLON HYDROTHERAPY: A Gentle Irrigation For Your Colon by Raw Food Nation Posted Sat 20 Mar 2010 9:58am I am writing this article to dispel any myths, fears or phobias that you may have about colonic irrigation.  Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, gentle, therapeutic lavage or bath of the large intestine.  In fact colon lavage was first recorded 1500  B.C., in the ancient Egyptian document, Ebers, Papyrus which dealt with the practice of medicine ... Read on »
Colon Cleanse Recipe – Keeping Your Colon Healthy by Lucy J. Patient Expert Posted Mon 31 May 2010 10:57pm Before you can be considered a person with a healthy body, you should be clean both inside and out. It can be compared to a house that should be kept clean externally and internally. There are millions of “trespassers” that enter a person’s body. These substances are pollutants and other toxins that ca ... Read on »
Dr. Oz, Colon Cancer Screening, Colon Polyp, and Colonoscopy - What Can We Learn by Davis Liu Medical Doctor Posted Tue 07 Sep 2010 11:40pm I'm a big fan of Dr. Oz . What is there not to like about the guy?  He's incredibly smart, a graduate of my alma mater, the Wharton School, energetic, pretty good looking, and charismatic.  Though as a doctor I don't always agree with him, as I practicing primary care doctor I have great respect for his mission of getting all Americans healthie ... Read on »
Colonic Irrigation : How Well It Works To Provide A More Healthy Colon by Vaileria Posted Tue 26 Mar 2013 9:16am An appropriately functioning large intestine can be the precondition for a intestinal movements and also healthy intestinal tract can be accomplished through their appropriate cleansing at regular time period . Since my granny was confident that it was due to harmful intestinal , a teenager , every time I got pimples . However I used to cle ... Read on »