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What Causes Headachesback Pain Stomachaches And Mild Chest Pains At The Same Time - Articles

Chest Pain and Anxiety - How to Immediately Stop Chest Pain During Your Anxiety Attack by meital j. Posted Wed 14 Apr 2010 7:56am Unfortunately, chest pain and anxiety go hand in hand. 80% of anxiety sufferers report sharp chest pain during their anxiety attack. Are you one of them? I was. For years. What Does Chest-Pain Caused by Anxiety Feel like? Pain in the chest during anxiety is usually located over the heart and described as sharp pain. The pain usually ... Read on »
Reader Comment: A Child’s Chest Pain by Dr. Secretwave101 Patient Expert Posted Wed 03 Feb 2010 12:00am A reader recently commented on the SW101 post Will My Child Have A Heart Attack with a disturbing letter about her child.  It has now been granted its own blog.  I have written my own comments in throughout the letter in red italics to make me appear extra important and potentially infallible. *************************** Thank yo ... Read on »
A woman in her 50s with reproducible chest pain (seems to be chest wall pain) by Stephen Smith Posted Sun 18 May 2014 3:58pm This woman had recently undergone rotator cuff surgery and presented with L shoulder and chest pain.  The pain was very reproducible with palpation and with range of motion of the shoulder.  It seemed to be clearly musculoskeletal pain and my plan was to not even order an ECG (believe it or not).  I was not planning to order any tests at all. ... Read on »
Origin and location of chest pain in acute pulmonary embolism by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Posted Wed 21 Oct 2009 10:02pm Pulmonary embolism is  one of the  important  causes of acute chest pain . It can mimic  acute coronary syndrome . In fact along with aortic dissection  , it forms  a  differential diagnosis for STEMI especailly if the ECG is not typical. The Chest pain of acute pulmonary embolism can originate in one of the following structures  with diff ... Read on »
Does chest pain mean I have a heart problem? by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook Posted Mon 18 Jan 2010 5:36am Prof Lahiri’s article – Chest Pain – Cardiac or not? gets straight to the point. Are these chest pains as a result of something wrong with my heart, or worse still, do I have silent disease? There is really only one method to accurately diagnosed heart problems and that is by Dual Source Cardiac CT Scanning. Prof Lahiri explains the modern appr ... Read on »
Chest pain by Stuart G. Patient Expert Posted Fri 21 Nov 2008 4:26pm Six calls – two refused, four by ambulance. Forty kilograms is a lot of weight to drop onto your chest and my first call was to a 57 year-old, in good health and with years of experience ‘pumping iron’ who did just that. He’d been working out, as usual, in his local gym when the Swiss ball (an inflated rubber ball used for various exercise ... Read on »
5 hours of chest pain. How acute is the STEMI? by Stephen Smith Posted Fri 24 Jan 2014 10:53am A male is his 30's with h/o HTN presented after 6 hours of chest pain.  The pain was crushing and substernal, associated with nausea, vomiting, and diaphoresis, radiating to his back, 10 out of 10 in intensity, the "worst pains ever experienced". He described the sensation as "an elephant sitting on chest".  Here is his EKG by EMS ... Read on »
Chest Pain from Stress – Fast and Effective Reliefs that you Should Try by Kodjoworkout Posted Mon 20 Aug 2012 8:30am If you are a member of the working class, there is no doubt that you regularly come across a certain amount of stress that will make you want to rip your hair out. Believe it or not, dwelling in a stressful environment will not only dampen your emotions but will also have a ... Read on »
What Do Chest Pains During Exercise Mean?: My Most Humiliating Medical Moment EVER. [Topless Treadmill Running] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Tue 26 Nov 2013 1:07am  This is totally true. Scares the everloving crap out of me.  Topless treadmill running has never been on my fitness bucket list but then neither was being a pro NFL cheeleader for a day or doing crunches on an underwater produce scale in an ice-cold pool for half an hour and I ended up doing both of those. So. So maybe I shoul ... Read on »
Chest pain in a patient with previous inferior STEMI. Scrutinize both the ECG and the history! by Stephen Smith Posted Wed 09 Apr 2014 10:25am I was looking through a stack of ECGs (I can't help myself) and saw this one, which caught my eye What do you think?  Computerized QRS duration is 120 ms. My thought was that it looked like there was likely very subtle anterior injury.  In spite of the slightly prolonged conduction, I applied the anterior S ... Read on »