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Weight Loss Plateau: Diagnosing & Overcoming a Weight Loss Plateau by Matt C. Patient Expert Posted Sat 25 Oct 2008 8:00am Asking yourself “How do I get out of a weight loss plateau?” Try these ten tricks to jumpstart your fat loss and get back on track. The weight loss plateau. It happens to everyone, regardless of their level of physical fitness or training experience.  For weeks or even months, the fat and pounds just seem to be melting off. You’re riding h ... Read on »
Weight loss solution for your weight loss plateau by Doctor of Philosophy Posted Sat 11 Apr 2009 12:56am Losing weight permanently never lacks drama. Take Michelle, for instance, a forty-five year old mother of two - Jamie 17, Max 15. She reached her goal weight when she was forty-three, and hasn't looked back. It was an offbeat diet she went on, quirky, not your usual. There were big highs, such as the first 10 lbs. There were big lows, such a ... Read on »
Break that Weight Loss Plateau! by Paty M Posted Mon 16 Jan 2012 3:49am If you're trying to lose weight or if you're experienced in weight loss diets, you might recognize words like 'weight loss plateau'. When you are dieting, you are bound to consume less food that what your body is used to. This works out great the first couple of month: you're motivated and in the same time you are losing weight! Suddenly, your ... Read on »
Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 18 Feb 2009 11:37am 5 Ways to Get the Results You Want Pat yourself on the back: You’ve lost weight! Or, at least you had lost weight, but for the past few days or even weeks, the scale hasn’t been budging. You don’t feel like you’re doing anything different with your diet. You’re keeping carbs low, eating the appropriate amount of protein, and you’re moderat ... Read on »
Women's Fitness Q & A: Weight Loss Plateau and Knee Weakness by Tracy S. Facebook Posted Wed 11 Apr 2012 3:00pm On Facebook and Twitter over the last few weeks, I asked you to ask me any questions you might have about women's health and fitness. Today, I am going to tackle a few of those questions in the next overdue installment of... Q: Why when you are losing weight do you plateau? I have los ... Read on »
Breaking Weight Loss Plateau by Fitho Posted Thu 18 Sep 2008 12:00am If you’ve tried to lose weight, you’ve been through it. Basically, to get into better shape you started exercising. For the first month, it worked well and you got results. But in the second and the third month, your results really slowed down, or there were none?! Wonder why? Because you hit a weight loss plateau, also called a fitness plateau ... Read on »
6 Steps to Get Off a Weight Loss Plateau by lisakthrives Posted Tue 25 Feb 2014 9:00am When you are working on losing weight, it’s very common to hit a plateau periodically, or a period of time in which you stop losing weight. This can be very frustrating and in my experience with clients, it is often the point at which people give up or stop trying so hard. The thing is, hitting a plateau can actually be a positive t ... Read on »
The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Sun 10 Jan 2010 7:09pm You know the word. People whisper it furtively while tossing salt over their shoulder, knocking on wood and never letting Jon Gosselin cross their path. Men tear out their hair, women shriek and babies cry at its mere mention. It is the single most feared word in health and fitness circles. Jillian. Kidding. It's "plateau." As any ... Read on »
The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau Explained by Howard F. Doctor of Philosophy Posted Fri 31 Aug 2012 12:00am Just about anyone who has tried to lose weight for at least a month or two has sooner or later experienced a very frustrating phenomenon: the weight loss plateau. It is something that happens when you begin to lose weight on a diet but, for no apparent reason, the weight loss stops, seemingly forever. This happens even though you continu ... Read on »
What to Do to Avoid the Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau by Douglas Millington Posted Fri 13 Apr 2012 8:32am Starting a weight loss program or plan is exciting. Everyone loves to see their weight go down and down. You can lose weight quickly if you work hard and stay on the program. The reasons you lose weight quickly at first are many. However, when you have lost a certain amount of weight, you can reach a weight loss plateau and that can be upsett ... Read on »