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An In-depth Look at Male Bladder Weakness by Allanda .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 04 Jan 2011 7:39am Tweet Despite what many people think incontinence and bladder weakness is not a women’s only problem. According to the World Health Organization there are roughly forty million men worldwide who are incontinent. Male incontinence is just as common as any other disease – even though I don’t like to call it a disease. For me incontinence an ... Read on »
Facts and Fiction about Bladder Weakness by Allanda .. Patient Expert Posted Fri 18 Feb 2011 6:02am Tweet Dealing with bladder weakness is much simpler than many people think. By learning more about it and busting some myths around it you will see that you live a normal life after all. The term bladder weakness is commonly related to men but women can also have it but other terms like urinary incontinence are used instead. 1. Fact or ... Read on »
Men with bladder weakness urged to seek out Tena incontinence products by Allanda .. Patient Expert Posted Mon 06 Jun 2011 12:29pm Tweet Anyone who has watched daytime TV will have come across adverts for incontinence products for women , but there are also products available for men with bladder weakness. According to an article in the Daily Telegraph, men should discuss male incontinence with their partner and consider seeking medical advice. The article notes: “D ... Read on »
Men urged to exercise to reduce bladder weakness by Allanda .. Patient Expert Posted Mon 10 Oct 2011 5:55pm Issue Codes Incontinence Products for Men Experts have advised men to exercise regularly in order to improve their overall health and help manage conditions such as bladder weakness. Recent research by incontinence pads brand Tena Men found that the majority of middle-aged men do not take enough exercise. Government health exper ... Read on »
Prostate Cancer and Bladder Weakness by Allanda .. Patient Expert Posted Fri 24 Dec 2010 6:09am Tweet For men prostate cancer is like breast cancer for women, many are concerned when they hear these words. Currently prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer diagnosed in men here in the UK. According to the NHS 35,000 men are diagnosed with it every year and one man dies every hour of the disease. I must confess I was baffled ... Read on »
Bladder Transplants by Neo-Conduit Patient Expert Posted Fri 08 May 2009 11:39pm An interesting article, I'm not sure its my thing but it may bring hope to others in the future, read full article here. For the children and teenagers in the study, the transplants reduced leaking from their bladders — a potentially big gain in quality of life. For 16-year-old Kaitlyne McNamara, of Middletown, Conn., the t ... Read on »
Implant used to treat urinary incontinence by Allanda .. Patient Expert Posted Wed 01 Aug 2012 6:23pm The Urodynamics unit at the Hamad Medical Corporation’s Urology Department six months ago introduced the Intersim advanced sacral neuro-modulation Implant featured a few weeks ago. The surgical device acts like bladder pacemaker to treat those suffering from urinary incontinence . “We have introduced the new treatment to help our patients w ... Read on »
5 Ways to Prevent Bladder Leakage by Brett - Sheer Balance Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Mon 04 Jan 2010 3:54pm Bladder control is no laughing matter. Millions of women suffer from involuntary loss of urine…whether it is a few drops that no one else will notice…or a large amount that can become terribly embarrassing. Urinary incontinence can result from a variety of reasons…everything from pregnancy and childbirth to menopause to physical problems du ... Read on »
Do you hold your bladder? For how long? by suzette Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 10:30pm Ahem! I am guilty for abusing my bladder ALL THE TIME. And though I am guilty for that, I still do it. I have the bad habit of holding my bladder, not going to the washroom, until at a level that I cannot hold it any more. My tense can be so immensed that even my facial expression changed, then only I’d make the trip to the toilet. ... Read on »
Clothing can affect incontinence and bladder conditions according to TENA by Allanda .. Patient Expert Posted Fri 13 Jul 2012 6:15am Fashionable tight-fitting jeans can cause bladder weakness and long- term health consequences, medical experts have warned. The uber-cool skinny denims, favoured by celebs such as Russell Brand, Jude Law and Joey Essex can increase the risk of urinary tract infections and in some agonising cases, men can even suffer with twisted testicles. ... Read on »