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Guest Article- What are Reliable Ways to Induce Labor of a Full Term Pregnancy? by Cascia T. Posted Sat 01 Nov 2008 10:44pm When you've been pregnant for eight or nine months sometimes it seems like forever. Here is a great resource to help start labor sooner and make it easier and pain free. Thank you Dr. Leino for this great article. Cascia by Lena Leino Once you reach 40 weeks gestation, you most probably become restless regarding the birth of yo ... Read on »
Acupuncture Not Helpful for Inducing Labor by Medline Plus Posted Mon 26 Jul 2010 7:36am Monday, July 26, 2010    By Amy Norton NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Although acupuncture is promoted as a way to induce labor in women who go past their due date, a new study adds to evidence doubting its usefulness. Researchers found that a ... Read on »
When did this happen? by Jennifer Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 22 Oct 2008 4:51pm I dilated! How very unexpected that news was. The doctor said I was dilated almost 2 cm. Of course, that means pretty much nothing concerning when I will go into labor but it's 2 less centimeters I have to dilated when I am in actual painful labor. If I dilate 2 cm every 6 days, I'll be at 10 cm on September 13. Only 4 days past my due ... Read on »
How inductions usually go on the unit I work on by Nurse Lochia .. Patient Expert Posted Thu 15 Jan 2009 7:51pm *Not intended as medical advice. I'm really a 16 year old boy pretending to be an RN. :) * As much as I have mixed feelings about scheduled inductions, and c-sections, they are pretty easy patients to admit. With an induction, they aren't laboring and uncomfortable yet so they can answer questions easier. There are several ways to induce labo ... Read on »
Everything you want to know about your water breaking! by Deb .. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 06 Dec 2013 10:02pm “How will I know if my water breaks?” is a very common question I receive. Usually followed by, “What do I do if my water breaks?” Based on how often this comes up in class, I thought this would be a good topic to examine! The image most women have of one’s water breaking is usually derived from TV or movies in which a pregnant mama’s wat ... Read on »
Incompatible with Life by Jessica P. Posted Mon 26 Apr 2010 8:13pm Essay by Cara Holman My miscarriage happened so long ago, that I rarely think about it consciously anymore. But when my gynecologist recently informed me that she needed to perform a uterine biopsy on me “just to be on the safe side”, memories and feelings that I thought I had safely buried, came flooding back to me. It took me back to ... Read on »
5 Stages of KuKd Momma with a 4-Day Overdue Baby by Monica LeMoine Patient Expert Posted Tue 23 Mar 2010 3:29pm * Stage 1: So What's it To Ya? "You really wanna know when he's due? I'll tell ya: FOUR DAYS AGO! Yeah, you heard me right. And yeah, my gangster gear don't fit no more. And yeah, he could drop out right here and now in Seven Eleven, next to the doughnut case - and you'd have to help. You gotta problem widdat? Hey, where ya going w ... Read on »
C-Sections and Induced Labor: Don't Kick Out the Anesthesiologist by Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy Posted Tue 26 Apr 2011 1:49pm Full make-up? Did this woman about to give birth  just perform Swan Lake? Maybe she's planning on a dinner and a movie afterwards? Good luck. Her OB-Gyn looks like she might need bi-focals. Hold the scalpel and the Pitocin, but don't dismiss the anesthesiologist quite yet.  Caesarean sections and induced labor don't much ... Read on »
Inducing Labor When the Bag of Water Breaks, And Thoughts on the Bradley Method by Kathryn H. Patient Expert Posted Fri 15 May 2009 10:34pm I cover a lot with my doula clients in the "client interview" process, but I am no substitute for a good childbirth education class when it comes to first-time moms.  I must admit that given my meditative background, I have a fondness for Birthing From Within  classes, but after a couple of births where mom planned to have a natural childbirth ... Read on »
Induced Labor: When is it Necessary? by HealthyPregnancy .. Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 1:49pm MICHELLE LAMOTHE, MD: Hello, and welcome to our web cast. I'm Dr. Michelle La Mothe. For most pregnant women who are ready to deliver their babies, labor starts spontaneously without the need for any intervention. However, for some women, labor needs to be induced using special medications. Joining me today to discuss induction of labor are two exp ... Read on »