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Knowing Your Vitals Is Vital by Lance B. Patient Expert Posted Sat 29 Nov 2008 12:26pm Do you know what your regular resting heart rate and blood pressure is? Of course you don't! Ladies, I want you to know your vitals like the latest US Weekly. You know how many times Jennifer Lopez has been married, what kind of coffee Drew Barrymore drinks, where Brad Pitt goes to shop, every hairstyle Jennifer Anist ... Read on »
You are Invited to Vital Nights for Vital Bridges by MediumAndRare Posted Fri 14 Jan 2011 11:16am As most of you know I volunteer my time with the Junior Networking Committee for Vital Bridges . For those of you in the Chicago area I am inviting you to attend our next fundraiser on Wednesday, January 26 at 6pm. All of our events are fabulous, fun and a feel-good time because the money is going to an amazing cause. Vital Nights at Naci ... Read on »
Vital Cell Salts To Your Body by Sanjib S. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Fri 13 Feb 2009 4:52pm   Cell Salts are vital to the human body. They provide vital nutrients to the body.  They mix with other substances to help maintain millions of cells which the body is composed by.  Many illnesses are thought to be caused by a lack of a cell salts or an imbalance of cell salts within the body.  Homeopathy looks to bring the body back in balance ... Read on »
Overlooked Foods for Vitality by Chris .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sat 09 Jan 2010 11:30pm lepiaf.geo There are so many foods around it gets confusing knowing what will benefit us the most. So much so that we forget some of the best basics which provide us with life and vitality. Exuberant physical strength or mental vigor: a person of great vitality. -- Vitality What is not to like, it seems like the epitome of h ... Read on »
Easy Vitality Hacks by Chris .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 22 Sep 2011 9:10am What we do day in day out is really what makes a difference in how we look and feel. These core fundamentals shape our body, mind and mental outlook on life – things like working out, eating well and thinking good thoughts. Saying this there are certain things we can quickly add to or change with our lifestyle’s which will improve vitali ... Read on »
The Winter Cherry: Restoring Vitality by Kiva R. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Tue 22 Jul 2008 8:18pm 1 Comment Botanical Name:Withania somnifera Common Names: Ashwagandha, Winter Cherry, Indian Ginseng Energetics: warming Taste: Sweet, bitter, pungent Actions: Adaptogen, alterative, cardioprotective, immunomodulator, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic This post contains some of my ramblings and ponderings about this very special plant. This isn’t an ... Read on »
Some Morning Vitality Habits by Chris .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sat 06 Dec 2008 11:49am   r-z First Thing I like to start the day with a large glass of water, I try to make it at room temperature and drink it as soon as I get up. This will help flush and re-hydrate your insides and get things flowing for the day. After this I start boiling the kettle and will usually go for a Yerba Mate Tea. I love this stuff and plan to ... Read on »
Glow Caps from Vitality Purchased by Billionaire Investor–Pill Bottle With Compliance Data Trails Built In by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 04 Feb 2011 12:30pm Patrick Soon-Shiong M.D. is the Los Angeles billionaire investor who has scooped up the company.  Overall the product is a good thing as far as the reminder system and keep folks on track.  My only concerns is the privacy factors and the data that it creates for sale.  In today’s world of technology everything that is “good” and helpful seems t ... Read on »
An Indian Facelift, Vital Signs, and a Make-up Masterclass at the Wellington Centre, Hastings by Nicci T. Health MavenFacebook Posted Thu 01 Oct 2009 12:00am October 15, 2009 | By niccitalbot I have just had a fabulous night of pampering at The Wellington Centre , courtesy of Sugar Group . I had three mini-treatments: an Indian facelift with Suzie Mitchel, a Vital Signs health check ... Read on »
Pilot for Wireless Digital Vital Signs Monitoring System Begins at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica–A Disposable FDA App by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 22 Nov 2012 5:37pm Sensium Vitals is the name of the product and it is a wireless system to monitor patient vital signs.  Normally at least every 6 to eight hours when in the hospital a patients vitals are checked.  Obviously if one were in intensive care this would not be the case but this is rather for patients who are not critical and alerts can be configured ... Read on »