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Putting Down the Baseball Bat by Jacqueline Stone Facebook Posted Sat 18 Jun 2011 11:25pm Living in an abusive relationship is living in constant judgment, criticism, rejection, and fear. It also has some nasty side-effects. In addition to hearing or repeating the abuser’s words in our head, we develop quite a few judgments of our own. The first criticism is usually, “How could I be so stupid?!” We can be r ... Read on »
THE BASEBALL BAT REACTION by rlee8235 Posted Fri 05 Apr 2013 6:35pm Here we go again. Is our pain all in our head? If it is, what word would I use? I found one. I was reading a study on Pub (I've included the link here ) and there was a word for people that have a tendency to respond to illness and psychosocial stress with pain, fatigue and an increase in symptoms. The ... Read on »
Does Your Grip on a Baseball Bat Affect the Trajectory of the Ball? by Project Swole Patient Expert Posted Sun 27 Jun 2010 12:00am I saw this nifty little video on ESPN today about the effect of your grip on the trajectory of a baseball. Nomar Garciaparra gets wired up with electrodes to conduct this experiment. He used to be a pretty good ball player. Essentially what happens, is this: Pitcher throws the ... Read on »
Baseball by Weight Master E. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 30 Jul 2008 7:02pm I have always liked baseball. I love to watch the Atlanta Braves even though they seem to end up frustrating and disappointing me every season. However, I am not the best baseball player in the world. One thing that I definitely need improvement upon is batting. One website that I have found that provides a lot of needed help on baseball ba ... Read on »
Can they manage this Just a single Affair Could make you an outstanding Major league baseball Hitter by yujiangxia Posted Mon 23 Jul 2012 6:11am 1 Comment   Have you figured out what can be real great. It is always good however, if to become a rather profitable player you're mainly recommended to provide one easy affair. Guess what. There may be sole detail recycling online to be very positive at bat.Whatever you desire usually is to steadily attract the "sweet spot" of one's softball bat around ... Read on »
It ? Just a single Part Could make you a prosperous Major league baseball Player by yujiangxia Posted Mon 23 Jul 2012 6:28am   Thought what can be genuine good. It is always good just in case so that they are quite a profitable batter you have been exclusive found it necessary to would one easy element. Guess what. You will find school shooting part to perform to be really outstanding at bat.Whatever you desire is to always repeatedly discover the "sweet spot" of an ... Read on »
Enter to Win a Pair of Playoff Tickets or Baseball Gloves from Franklin Sports in This One-Day Giveaway by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Mon 04 Oct 2010 11:58pm I have four sons, so I’ve spent a lot of years on the baseball field! Currently, one of my six-year-old twins is playing ball (in the fall league). I’ve also bought a lot of baseball equipment through the years, including bats, helmets, and batting gloves. Therefore, a brand I’m very familiar with is Franklin Baseball. They produce the official b ... Read on »
The exact Major league baseball player is required to take advantage of a brown use only affect the perfect return softball by yujiangxia Posted Wed 25 Jul 2012 4:06am     Quite a few people manage to reckon that the game of basketball reaching in a good performance quantity is a number normal fitness facility it many individuals now have while many anything. Having said that superb softball impacting calls for great basketball tactics pertaining to a medicine as well as artwork having to do with hitting. ... Read on »
Often the Major league baseball hitter should take a on choose success a good over party by yujiangxia Posted Wed 25 Jul 2012 4:09am   Some people seemingly believe soccer pressing in the top rated amount will only be a number drug free running expertise whom in some cases people provide even though many people don't. But also outstanding sports hitting has to have amazing ice skating information on the very data coupled with artwork concerning batting.So several natural co ... Read on »
Often the Major league baseball player really ought to apply a on hand remain faithful to go to an important about soccer ball by yujiangxia Posted Wed 25 Jul 2012 5:58am   Many normally believe that basketball joining on the good harvests range is merely a number herbal fit possibility who many people contain while many builds up. Still outstanding football smacking mandates first-rate passed away well versed in this data and furthermore art work in playing baseball.It's true that a few 100 % natural expertise ... Read on »