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low-glycemic, vegan coconut & vanilla frosting recipe by culinarykarma Facebook Posted Sat 07 Sep 2013 10:28pm It’s that good. —————– Remember those times that you used to buy vanilla frosting from a plastic container at the grocery store? Those days are long gone… Especially now that you’ve got this alternative! Enjoy. xx —————– ——————– Recipe: 2 cans coconut milk, refrigerated + top cream only ... Read on »
Recipe: Decadent Vegan Chocolate Frosting by ChefVeronica Posted Sun 23 Jan 2011 7:26pm While playing around with recipes in the kitchen the other night, my friend Rafika and I created this delicious take on traditional Chocolate Frosting.  No whipping, blending or fluffing involved!  Differing from traditional frosting’s which can be thick, dry and dense, this recipe yields a luxuriously ... Read on »
Deep Breath by marathonmom Posted Mon 27 Jan 2014 7:39am Can I just take a minute to complain? I'm usually not the one to full out talk about how much things suck but right now they kind of do! I mean really, we're all sick again, O isn't sleeping meaning no one is sleeping, Morgan is having issues with his back leg (the only one he has left) and we meet with the oncologist on Wednesday. We had to stop ... Read on »
Weekend Grins by Megan Posted Sun 19 Feb 2012 4:33pm Things that have made me smile so far this weekend… Lemon Coconut Cupcakes –> with homemade vegan frosting!! (recipe coming soon) Rescue Pet Adoptions!! After enjoying coffee with a good friend, we ended up here… and she went home with the sweetest puppy ever! Well, almost the sweetest puppy ever… Soda Stream Foun ... Read on »
Vegan Carob Cake with Fudgy Carob Frosting by Deb S. Patient Expert Posted Tue 27 Jan 2009 6:23pm From Vegan Carob Cake Here's the recipe I promised from my last post. It's based loosely on the Chocolate Layer Cake with Chocolate Frosting in The Angelica Home Kitchen cookbook. Caveats: This is a time consuming recipe, especially the frosting part. Things will look very weird at several points in the recipe. Trust ... Read on »
No Sugar, Vegan Chocolate Cupcake Recipe with Surprise Ingredient (Avocado!) by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert Posted Tue 08 May 2012 12:00am Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to for updates on this topic. Avocado fruit photographed on a white background (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Last week, my daughter and I made these delicious vegan chocolate cupcakes. The recipe was sent to us by her grandmother.  We modified the ingredi ... Read on »
GF Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bars with Vegan Chocolate Frosting by LoveVeggiesYoga Posted Sun 12 Dec 2010 9:16am Hi Friends!  How was your weekend?  I hope you had a relaxing one.  Did you stay warm?  For those of you who braved the malls and tried to do any holiday shopping, I hope that went well for you.  I saw Susan make Marshmallow Squares here and she used This Recipe.   It reminded me of these Butterscotch Rice Krispy treats my grandma used to mak ... Read on »
When life hands you lemons, make a vegan cupcake. by Lindsay W. Facebook Posted Fri 16 Oct 2009 10:04pm I didn't think you could have a quarter-life crisis twice. Now, after a very interesting day, I'm a firm believer that you should be allowed to have as many as you need in order to figure stuff out.  Today was a huge "what should I do with my life?" day - so much so that I had a proper freak out to celebrate the occasion. To bring you up t ... Read on »
Double Dark Chocolate Raspberry Namaste Cupcakes (gluten-free, vegan) by Stephanie L. Posted Tue 22 May 2012 2:20pm Well, you may think I almost forgot about these... Sorry, I have been busy away from baking the past few days. Been busy with the garden and planting. Which is totally worth the break. I even feel like playing in the dirt reminds me a lot of playing in the kitchen. Obviously, mixing up some delectable cupcakes is much different than dirt! But ... Read on »
Vegan Buttercream Frosting!! GF, V! by glutenfreehappytummy Posted Wed 17 Oct 2012 5:54pm Hey everyone! it’s fall in the city!! Sorry for the sporadic posts/lack of commenting on the blogs. I’m trying to figure out my new schedule. You see, for the next month, I’m going to be meeting with casting directors every night from 6-9:30, so by the time I get home at 10, it’s just impossible to make dinner, clean and post. Sooo, ... Read on »