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Muscle Milk Helps Your Body Recover after a Strenuous Workout by Carol Dunlop Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Wed 25 Jul 2012 10:43am Bootcamp done! Wow, it was really an awesome workout that Jennifer Cohen put together for the Jennifer Cohen One Week Bootcamp. I haven’t worked out that hard in a long time. It felt great to really be back into “hittin’ it hard.” The Workout The actual workout consisted of nine exercises that you perform for 60 seconds (or one m ... Read on »
1 Dumbbell, 650 Muscles, It's the simplest total-body workout ever. by Richard S. Patient Expert Posted Thu 19 Feb 2009 3:50pm Here's a new approach for the new year: Use one dumbbell instead of two. By not tracking reps in this fast routine, you'll focus on form and trigger more muscle fibers, Complete the circuit by doing each exercise for 45 seconds. Rest one minute. Repeat two or three times. Start with a 15-pound dumbbell. Add weight as you progress, but don't ... Read on »
Muscle Building Workout And A Lower Body Tip by Jimmy S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 06 Aug 2008 4:00am Muscle Building Workout And A Lower Body Tip I was in the gym yesterday and I saw a trainer with a girl doing some lower body work. You could tell the girl wasn’t a newbie, she had some muscle on her and I assumed she came to the trainer to help you reach a higher goal. Here’s what the beginning of her leg workout looked like…. Squats superse ... Read on »
Does Insanity Workout Videos Truly Operate by fashion123123 Posted Mon 04 Mar 2013 6:39am You'll end up excessive sweating excessively in addition to focused within Your your five Insanity a matter of minutes right into this blog! You possibly can process the body in order to avoid going because you propel complicated in order to reach your personal salesman goals. Be prepared to try and do, military mass media advantages, a ... Read on »
Bodies The Exhibition by PJ S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 16 Oct 2008 7:58pm I attended "Bodies: The Exhibition" at the Cincinnati Museum Center on Saturday. Given my life long fascination with the nueromuscular system, I found it absolutely amazing...I would highly recommend seeing it. Here are some of my random thoughts regarding the exhibition: 1. The majority of males who want to put on lean muscle tissue fo ... Read on »
Reducing body fat and improving one’s body composition is a common goal for both serious athletes and the general fitness by Richard S. Patient Expert Posted Thu 28 Apr 2011 1:58pm With such a strong interest in “battling the bulge”, fat loss has become a huge industry, with new fad diets, weight loss plans, abdominal toning products, and fat burning supplements popping up on the market every day! Unfortunately, despite all of the attention directed at this subject, obesity is still on the rise. The purpose of this a ... Read on »
Move It Monday – Upper-Body Workouts by Susan Posted Mon 21 Mar 2011 9:11pm Welcome to the first day of the PIPES Challenge!! If you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, you can read all about it right here . I’m taking part in Morgan ’s six week challenge to build upper-body strength. My challenge however will be a little different. I’m recovering from reconstructive surgery on my left elbow. I just s ... Read on »
Becky's Corner: A Quick Upper Body Workout by Beth F. Patient Expert Posted Sun 25 Apr 2010 7:21pm Want to gain muscle, lose fat but have no time to spend hours at the gym! No problem! Push Ups are the answer! This exercise will sculpt your arms, back, chest, shoulders and core, help you gain strength, build muscle and burn fat! All you need is a few minutes a day, practice, patience and you will see changes within a few weeks! In addit ... Read on »
Neglect Your Leg Training And Every Muscle Group Will Suffer by Sean N. Patient Expert Posted Sun 07 Sep 2008 8:36pm By Sean Nalewanyj Natural Bodybuilding Expert & Best-Selling Fitness Author Let’s face it; the honest truth is that a good portion of lifters in the gym just don’t seem to care too much about training their lower body. I mean, a thick pair of quadriceps aren’t exactly what most people would consider a “showy” mus ... Read on »
Revving Up Your Strength Workout and A Lush Nuts Giveaway! by In Sweetness and In Health Posted Mon 17 Oct 2011 8:54am Hi friends! Sorry I was MIA from the blog world yesterday. I’ve had lots of hw and studying to do. I’ve got another awesome giveaway for you today…more on that in a minute! Yesterday I wasn’t in the mood for a long workout because frankly, I needed to keep doing work. I decided to head to the gym and complete and upper body and core wo ... Read on »