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Arm Liposuction Surgery Helps to Attain Toned, Beautiful Upper Arms by parkavenuesmartlipony Posted Fri 22 Mar 2013 9:13am Arm liposuction surgery is very popular these days and many people choose it for removal of excess fat from the upper arms. Arm liposuction helps to attain well-contoured and slim arms that are proportionate to the rest of the body. Who Is the Right Candidate for Arm Liposuction Surgery? The procedure is very suitable if you are ... Read on »
Postpartum Weight Loss: Exercises for Flabby Upper Arms by Sara H. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Fri 30 Jul 2010 4:55pm To Sara of Fit by Sara: “Ever since having my first child I’ve had flabby upper arms that jiggle with the slightest movement.  I really hate it! Is there any exercises I can do to get rid of the flab?” From Fit by Sara: “There many exercises you can do to firm the muscles of the upper arms, however one key element is to recognize that you w ... Read on »
Expert Q and A: What are the best ways to tone the arms and upper body? by My Yoga Online Posted Mon 01 Aug 2011 4:16pm Question: What are the best ways to tone the arms and upper body? Answer:  The most effective way to "tone" the arms and upper body are to placing upper body joints/muscles in weight bearing poses.  This weight bearing should keep in mind the lines of gravity so that you are working effectively and efficiently aga ... Read on »
Reps and Exercises for the Upper Arms by James C. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 16 Jun 2010 9:43am I recently did the behind neck cable curl, and I must say it is a unique yet great bicep exercise that I will include in my bicep workouts. But my question to you: is it better to go light or slightly heavy? Keep in mind I am an advanced lifter. -D My Answer: It's always good to use a wide variety of reps, but the most important ... Read on »
Goodbye winter ... hello flabby upper arms by Le Patient Expert Posted Thu 03 Sep 2009 10:14am So the last day of winter has left the whoop whoop ... and inside the house it was 37 degrees celcius. I have done the conversion for you this time BJ .. that is 98.6 degree farinheit I believe. And it was WINTER. The boys are already swimming in the pools ... Read on »
Chronic Neck Pain: Use Your Arms by Doug K. Patient Expert Posted Tue 17 Mar 2009 2:37am Your neck doesn't do any heavy lifting. Your neck positions your head in space and serves as an anchor for muscles of the jaw, shoulder, and arm. The other day I was in a gym and saw a guy, probably around 30, bent over a bench, hands supporting him on the bench, with a strap on his head with some weights on the end of it. His face was twisted in ... Read on »
Arm Weakness by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 04 May 2010 3:26pm I don't think I have mentioned just how weak my left arm has gotten lately.  I have no idea if it has anything to do with stepping down the steroids or not.  Its weird.  My leg is doing great but from the hip up is tense and cramped and weak.  Standing to do dishes or anything like that really cramps up my side and makes me dizzy.  And as far as ... Read on »
Workout your Arms in 15 Minutes! by Cait M. Posted Fri 05 Aug 2011 12:59pm Sorry friends..NO Foodie Friday today – Justin and I are  leaving tomorrorw for a few days at the beach – and I haven’t had the time to make something new/write about. MORE recipes will be coming soon though – I promise!   However.. I did have 5 minutes on my hands yesterday – and decided to do ANOTHER  reader request…   Yesterd ... Read on »
Tumours of the adrenal glands by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert Posted Tue 02 Jun 2009 4:38pm 2 Comments The endocrine system The endocrine system is a network of endocrine glands and nerves throughout the body. Endocrine glands produce and release hormones that circulate around the body in the blood. Hormones keep an even balance of chemicals and fluid within the body, and help us respond to changes in the environment. The endocrine sy ... Read on »
Make Your Arms Look Slimmer and Firmer with Arm Liposuction by parkavenuesmartlipony Posted Tue 26 Mar 2013 3:07am It is necessary to have well-shaped and sleek arms if you want to look good in sleeveless dresses and swimwear. Often, exercise and dieting fail when you try to get rid of fat and sagging skin from the upper arm. Arm liposuction surgery is the best solution if you want to improve the appearance of your arms and make them look slimmer and fir ... Read on »