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Why You Should Care About Food Politics: 5 Steps To Understanding Health Policy by greenthickies Posted Tue 11 Feb 2014 12:33pm 5 steps to understanding policy, how it affects our food and what we can do to shape it Wherever you are on the journey towards healing and healthy foods, it is a fantastic adventure! Politics is the hidden backdoor to health. “Politics,” or “policy,” in this post, refers specifically to politics within government that shapes polic ... Read on »
Make sure you understand the fine print on your health insurance policy by outofpocket Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 05 Jun 2009 4:20pm Most consumers’ sign up for health insurance plans without fully understanding the 100+ pages of detail that go over the plan specifics.  In fact, most of us select our health plans based a high-level  outline and never bother to read the fine print details that describe coverage limitations that spells out what’s covered and what’s excluded, ... Read on »
Why aren't medical students taught about health care policy? by Dr. Matthew M. Medical Doctor Posted Tue 23 Jun 2009 9:55pm Happy to have been interviewed by and mentioned in this very timely article at which asks the question "Why aren't medical students taught about health care policy?" There is so much to cram into 4 years of medical school, it's hard to imagine that we could teach students more. However, some basic understandings of health care polic ... Read on »
Speed Up Rate of Change in Health IT?–“Short Order Code Kitchen Burned Down a Few Years Ago and There Was No Fire Sa by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 06 Feb 2013 1:58pm I can understand this type of comment with encouraging more doctors and hospitals to get into the electronic records programs sure, but the rest of it takes time to write.  Congress, consumers and others have no clue on the amount of programming time all of this takes.  I read all the time about everyone complaining about the time it takes? Do ... Read on »
Health IT at the National Health Policy Conference by Brian Ahier Posted Tue 05 Feb 2013 9:00am There was an excellent panel at the AcademyHealth National Health Policy Conference held February 4, 2013. First, Secretary Sebelius discussed the administration's health care policy priorities as key provisions of the Affordable Care Act come online over the next year. The health IT panelists included Farzad Mostashari, Office of the Nationa ... Read on »
An Example of How the Mainstream Media Fails When It Comes to Health Care Policy by JaanS Medical Doctor Posted Tue 02 Dec 2008 3:08am The Disease Management Care Blog has generally shied away from commenting on the mainstream news' peculiar ability to misinform the public thanks to considerable medical illiteracy, shrilly sensationalism, political bias and a remarkably lazy ineptitude. But it cannot resist after it made a big mistake and watched the November 12 ABC’s ‘World News ... Read on »
A Robust Health Data Infrastructure by Juno Medical Doctor Posted Wed 16 Apr 2014 2:31pm Today HHS posted a report by JASON, an independent group of scientists that advises the Federal government on matters of science and technology, called “ A Robust Health Data Infrastructure .” I am excited about the findings and encourage you to take a look at the report.  It is a comprehensive and thoughtful look at the technical challeng ... Read on »
Health Care: The Blind Men and the Elephant by Dr. Zagreus Ammon Medical Doctor Posted Tue 26 Aug 2008 4:09pm In health care, management and policy are a couple of steps removed from patient care. Physicians and other health care workers have insights that sometimes fall on deaf ears. But this is the era of Babel in health care ; I don't believe we have a common language yet, so we can actually understand what each of us are saying. Health polic ... Read on »
An Air Travel Themed Health Wonk Review: Frequent Flyer Miles For Your Brain by JaanS Medical Doctor Posted Wed 04 Aug 2010 7:06am Welcome to this airline travel version of the Health Wonk Review. Why such a theme, you ask? Well, it is my blog, but, to be honest, the Disease Management Care Blog has been preoccupied lately by achieving an " Up In The Air -esque" Premier Executive frequent flyer status. That can make all the difference between no leg room and a few precious ... Read on »
Surgery For Life: How Romanticism and Religion Are Working With Science To Improve Medicine by Jim Pinkerton Posted Sat 19 Dec 2009 12:00am Is medicine a life-saving endeavor? Is it the art of healing, combined with the science of life? Or is it a statistical exercise--just an offshoot of utilitarian economics, the most dismal branch of the dismal science? If it’s the former, then medicine should be celebrated. If it’s the latter, then “healthcare,” a concept borrowed most ... Read on »