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My Thyroid Tests Results Are So ‘Exceptionally Normal’ That They Are ‘Fairly Uncommon’ by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 08 Jan 2010 1:24pm I wonder how many people actually know where their thyroid glands are I’ve heard it over and over again over the years from so many well-meaning people, especially women, who have struggled to get their weight under control: ” I just can’t seem to lose any weight at all, so it must be my thyroid.” The frustration of doing everything ri ... Read on »
Searchable Patient Letters by Dr. Steve Nenninger Naturopathic Doctor Posted Wed 03 Jun 2009 9:20am I had a request to make my patient letters searchable and the best way I figured to do this was to put it into a blog post, so here it is. Dr. Steve, Sarah and I went out to see a movie and I was able to sit through the entire film in comfort without ever rushing to the bathroom. For the past three days I've slept through the night with on ... Read on »
The TSH Reference Range Wars by Jeffrey Dach MD by Jeffrey Dach MD Medical Doctor Posted Wed 31 Aug 2011 7:20am The TSH Reference Range Wars by Jeffrey Dach MD For some inexplicable reason, modern medicine continues to argue within itself on the proper reference range for the TSH test (thyroid Stimulating Hormone). The New Reference Range for the TSH - The 2.5 cutoff Here is a little history of t ... Read on »
Thyroid: Be a perfectionist by Dr. William D. Medical Doctor Posted Mon 27 Jul 2009 10:23pm If you'd like to reduce LDL cholesterol with nearly as much power as a statin drug, think thyroid. When thyroid is corrected to ideal levels, LDL cholesterol drops 20, 30, 40 mg/dl or more, depending on how poor thyroid function and how high LDL are at the start. The poorer the thyroid function (the higher the TSH or the lower the T3 and T4) a ... Read on »
Updated Patient Letters 2013 by Dr. Steve Nenninger Naturopathic Doctor Posted Thu 18 Apr 2013 7:22pm FYI...our son is doing great......fistula still closing....75% filled in. He has tons of energy, very focused and happy.  The LIJ and Winthrop Dr. told us last year this couldn't be done on food and diet alone. Remicade only. I knew then they were wrong.   Thank you Dr. Nenninger for saving our sons future!  ________ __________   Dr ... Read on »
Test It! – Discreet At-Home STD Testing Kit by Dan and Jennifer .. Health Maven Posted Wed 04 Dec 2013 11:37am Ok, sometimes we come across something pretty cool that we want to share with you and this is pretty cool – at-home STD testing! No more embarrassing or expensive doctor visits… So take just a minute to share this post and help a good cause! Test It Foundation, a Washington nonprofit organization, plans to run a crowd-funding campaign on In ... Read on »
The Benefits of the DNA Home Testing Kit by TinaTurbin Posted Thu 28 Apr 2011 9:18pm     As an author, researcher, and gluten-free advocate, I’m always searching for ways to improve life for the gluten-intolerant community, especially for innovative tools and technology. The gluten-intolerance home testing kit, which make use one-hundred percent accurate genetic testing, is an example of the cutting-edge advance the gluten-intole ... Read on »
Review: GlutenTox Home gluten test kit by Tiffany Patient Expert Posted Tue 17 Jan 2012 8:27pm For whatever reason, I've never ordered, used or reviewed a gluten detection product in the past.  There have been a couple of such products on the market for a while now, but I've never felt the need to use one.  However, I was recently offered the chance to receive the newest gluten test kit for free, in exchange for a review of it.  Naturall ... Read on »
Scary Home Kits for Genetic Testing by Dr. Charlotte Thompson Medical Doctor Posted Sun 31 Jan 2010 10:40am In a January 29, 2010 article in the New York Times, Andrew Pollock reports about home kits for genetic testing  that are being sold by a new company called Counsyl. The company is reported  to say that parents can test for 100 genetic disorders, including spinal muscular atrophy, Pompe's disease, and cystic fibrosis. Having cared for childr ... Read on »
Useful Resources - EZ Gluten At Home Test Kits by glutenfreeraleigh Posted Fri 05 Mar 2010 12:00am Looking for validation that the Gluten Free products you consume truly are Gluten Free?  Looking for an easy at-home test you can easily perform in a matter of minutes?  Then, you may be interested in EZ Gluten test strips from Elisa Technologies .  Elisa Technologies is based in Florida and was created in the early 90s to develop enzyme immunoas ... Read on »