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Trouble Sleeping: Here’s 5 Things You Can Do to Sleep Better at Night by Ellice Campbell Posted Fri 12 Jul 2013 9:59am sleeping at work (Photo credit: Do you constantly find that you have trouble sleeping at night ? Whether you have a hard time getting to sleep , staying asleep , or anything in between, the good news is that there are some simple steps you can take to improve your overall quality of sleep. And this is important, especially con ... Read on »
Trouble Sleeping? Try SoundSleeping by Chris .. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Fri 26 Sep 2008 3:01pm I haven’t really been one to have trouble sleeping—that is unless my husband is snoring.  I will admit though to always having some white noise playing at night. Without white noise, I cannot sleep.  It has a meditative effect, lulling me into a pleasant, peaceful state.  It’s usually a fan or the air conditioner.  Lately, though, I’ve been l ... Read on »
Trouble Sleeping At Night… Then Have No Energy During the Day? by Dr. Gray Doctor of Chiropracty Posted Fri 23 Oct 2009 10:04pm Too many of my patients, friends, family, acquaintences, and the rest of our society are complaining of difficulty sleeping at night, while needing some form of stimulant to function during the day. Are you one who began by needing a little energy during the day? So, you chose to drink a caffeine-laden soda, coffee, or energy drink… or took N ... Read on »
Trouble sleeping - insomnia?? by Barmac Posted Tue 12 Jan 2010 1:36pm I've been having real trouble sleeping recently, much worse than normal over the past week which I am convinced is to do with the fact that I have not been able to do my daily walk. I've suffered with it for years as my nerve pain wakes me up constantly and I cannot remember the last time I had a nights sleep without being woken up. When I saw ... Read on »
HAVING TROUBLE SLEEPING?... by Barmac Posted Tue 16 Nov 2010 2:45pm If you are having trouble sleeping then why not try altering your bedroom, it worked for me.The most important room in your house to ensure you have a good nights sleep is, after all your bedroom. I made mine my sanctuary and redesigned it completely a couple of years ago. The first thing I did was get some venetian blinds fitted in ... Read on »
Trouble Sleeping? Help is On the Way by Wired Berries .. Posted Mon 08 Sep 2008 10:04pm Getting regular, quality sleep is an important part of any general fitness routine, and especially if you're in training. If you have trouble sleeping, consider a few different options, as suggested in May's Body + Soul. Wake up at the same time every morning and do something that puts you in direct contact with the sun, as this more quickly suppre ... Read on »
Are you having trouble sleeping?... by Kennedy P. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 29 Sep 2008 10:36pm Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you wake up tired? Does it seem like you are putting in more hours of work every day but you just can't seem to catch up? Do you find yourself getting sleepy in the middle of the afternoon, irritable with other people if they delay you in the late afternoon, or staying awake at   night and thinking about wha ... Read on »
Trouble Sleeping? Don’t Pop a Pill by John Elder Posted Tue 28 Feb 2012 2:50pm If you’re like several of my clients, you’re not sleeping well. You’re tossing and turning throughout your night and you wake up feeling as tired as when you went to bed. And, if you’re like several of my clients, you don’t realize that the reason why you can’t sleep is the same reason why you have hip, knee and back pain. Your posture ... Read on »
Cure Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Eating, and Trouble Sleeping with These Free Guided Meditations by Sonia Gallagher Posted Wed 21 Oct 2009 2:22pm Many people look for guided meditation relaxation videos online. Yet, there doesn't seem to be too many out there. Usually, people look for these videos because they are looking to meditate. However, they have a really difficult time going through and finding exactly what it is they are looking for or would be most helpful in terms of wh ... Read on »
Trouble Sleeping? Try The Alphabet Game by Jenny Evans Posted Thu 10 Nov 2011 3:51pm I sometimes have trouble falling asleep because I can’t get my mind to shut off, and I’ve come up with a sure-fire way to get me right to sleep: what I call The Alphabet Game.  I come up with a category and then have to name something within that category for every letter of the alphabet. For instance Airlines (surprise): Air France, Britis ... Read on »