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Retinal Disease Treatments for Elders Doubled Over 10 Years by HealthFinder Posted Mon 11 Oct 2010 10:00am healthnewslink Procedures for older Americans increased 192% between 1997 and 2007, study finds. M ... Read on »
Retinal Disease Treatments for Elders Doubled Over 10 Years by Medline Plus Posted Mon 11 Oct 2010 1:00pm Procedures for older Americans increased 192% between 1997 and 2007, study finds By Robert Preidt Monday, October 11, 2010 MONDAY, Oct. 11 (HealthDay News) -- The number of older Americans undergoing treatment for retinal conditions such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) an ... Read on »
Stem cell treatment trial for retinal diseases by EyeDrD Posted Wed 28 Sep 2011 1:42pm Each participant will have up to 200,000 cells injected behind one of their retinas by surgeons at Moorfield Eye Hospital in London, in the hope of slowing or even reversing a form of macular degeneration , called Stargardt disease. Macul ... Read on »
Investigations for retinopathy in an avian model for systemic sclerosis by Jan Posted Fri 11 Sep 2009 4:55pm By Silvia Peter, Hermann Dietricha and Georg Wicka Systemic Sclerosis (SSc) is a connective tissue disease affecting the skin and internal organs. Retinopathy has been described in patients with SSc, but cannot be distinguished from secondary changes due to concomitant hypertension. UCD 200 chickens, a well-established animal model for S ... Read on »
Use of Immunosuppressive Agents for Treatment of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Diabetic Retinopathy by Posted Sun 11 Jul 2010 5:00pm Description of Invention: AMD belongs to a group of disorders in which the immune system may play an important role. This invention discloses that patients with AMD gain additional therapeutic benefit from combination treatment of immunosuppressive agents and standard-of-care in comparison to standard-of-care alone. This inv ... Read on »
Fighting Retinal Disease: The Promise of New Approaches by Irv Arons Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 09 Nov 2011 4:29pm Dr. Stephen Rose, the Chief Research Officer of the Foundation Fighting Blindness has just written an article about emerging treatments for retinal diseases, including the use of stem cells, gene therapy and new pharmaceutical approaches. I feel it is important for those of you on the front lines fighting these diseases and those of you who have ... Read on »
Research in Retinal Disease: The Foundation Fighting Blindness Invests $2.1 Million in Seven New Research Efforts by Irv Arons Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 16 Aug 2013 4:29pm As I continually search the web for interesting news about new technologies for treating retinal diseases, I came across this news from the Foundation Fighting Blindness’ website  yesterday afternoon. It relates to some of the annual grants to researchers that the FFB will be funding this year. It includes better ways of looking at retinal cells ... Read on »
When will you suspect reno vascular hypertension ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Posted Wed 01 Sep 2010 10:52am The much fancied criteria   “suspect secondary  HT” if the  onset of  hypertension  is   before 30 years   later than  55  years ,may be useful  .But a caution about this criteria  : It does not mean you should not hesitate to  diagnose renal HT  between 30 -55 years.  The  real onset may be   < 30years , but  the patient may report to the phy ... Read on »
Dealing With Diabetes Among Pregnant Women by Shilah C. Azib Posted Thu 08 Jul 2010 6:14pm Carrying a life inside the womb for nine months is probably the most wonderful experience any woman could ever have. In this stage called “pregnancy,” it is very important for an expectant mother to pay attention to good nutrition because this is very vital for her and her baby’s health. Pregnancy for regular women is complicated as ... Read on »
Stroke More Likely in People With Retinal Disease by HealthFinder Posted Mon 14 Mar 2011 1:00pm healthnewslink Study finds nearly double the rate with vascular disease called RVO. MONDAY, Marc ... Read on »