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Shoulder Exercise to Strengthen the Lower Trapezius for Healthy Shoulders: Diamond Down by Aliesa George Patient Expert Posted Tue 01 Feb 2011 12:02pm Posted a blog recently on the topic of strong and healthy shoulders, but I just uploaded a video to demonstrate my easy “diamond down” exercise to help strengthen the lower fibers of the trapezius muscle to help improve shoulder mechanics and reduce neck and shoulder tension.  Hope you enjoy this quick shoulder exercise tip! Click here to ... Read on »
4 Hacks to a "V" Shaped Back by Edwin .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 15 Apr 2008 2:15pm 1 Comment Photo from stenbough Have you wonder how people get that wonderful massive back? To enhance the appearance of your whole physique, one would definitely need a well developed back. It would be very awkward if you have big chest and a small back. That is why, the back is always the group of muscles I love to target. The back contains sev ... Read on »
My Trapezius really do I find relief? by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook Posted Sat 04 Jul 2009 9:32pm Having a tight and sore upper back is very common. Most people do not realize that this is the trapezius muscle, also known as the "traps" muscle. If you do a lot of typing, taking on the phone or spending time at your desk, you may have first hand experience as to what I am talking about. The Trapezius muscle is huge. It encompases your nec ... Read on »
Upper and Lower Trapezius Imbalances May Cause Subacromial Impingement by Mike Reinold Patient Expert Posted Mon 08 Mar 2010 3:00am A new journal article in Physical Therapy in Sport ( the journal I recently reviewed ) discusses imbalance between upper and lower trapezius muscle activity and the association of subacromial impingement. The authors studied the EMG activity of the upper and lower trapezius in subjects with and without subacromial impingement.  Resu ... Read on »
Meet Your Muscles - Trapezius by Lance B. Patient Expert Posted Sat 29 Nov 2008 12:25pm Muscles...some people want to build them. Some people want to tone them. Some people want to shrink them. Some people want to flex them at parties. Some people just want to have them. Meet Your Muscles gives you a unique look at some of your 430+ skeletal muscles. Today's Muscle: #4, 3, & 8 - Trapezius  ... Read on »
Simple Exercises to Combat Neck Pain and Tension in the Shoulders by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 1:27pm 2 Comments Many people have desk jobs where they are hunched over their desk, with their shoulders hunched up looking over paperwork. Often they come home with neck pain and suffer daily. They have muscle spasms in their neck, upper back and shoulders. A couple of months ago, Denmark's National Research Centre for the Working Environment, released the ... Read on »
Pain in the Upper Trapezius Muscle by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook Posted Tue 06 Oct 2009 10:01pm Trigger points within muscles such as the Trapezius can be a major point of pain. What is a “trigger point?” A trigger point is a point of pain that can be easily irritated. It is often seen in tight muscles. Pressing on a trigger point can be very painful and it can cause referred pain - or pain in other areas of the body. One of the most ... Read on »
Targeting the Deltoids, Minimizing the Traps by James C. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 20 Jul 2010 8:54am I've read your article about shoulder workouts as well as many others, and I have a question. I really appreciate if you can spare some time to answer it. I heard from almost everywhere that you can get wider shoulders by working out. I have a very slim body (56 kg, 172 cm tall, 24 year old male) and very narrow shoulders. The width of my ... Read on »
Exercise of the Week♡ "Shrugs" by islandgurl Posted Thu 17 May 2012 6:38pm Dumbbell Shrugs The dumbbell shrug is a great exercise to strengthen and develop the trapezius muscle. The trapezius muscle is that triangular looking muscle on the upper back that gives body builders that powerful posture. This is a pretty simple exercise to do. Simply pick up a couple of dumbbells and shrug your shoulders up a ... Read on »
The Wrong Way to do Shoulder Exercises by Mike Reinold Patient Expert Posted Mon 22 Mar 2010 4:00am A couple of weeks ago I posted on the relationship of shoulder impingement and poor ratios of upper and lower trapezius strength .  For those that follow my writings, you’ll know that I am constantly stating that we need to emphasize lower trapezius strength to optimize shoulder performance. I often see people recommending that thei ... Read on »