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DO YOU REMEMBER TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME? by Stephanie S. Jewett Posted Sat 22 May 2010 3:09am           Toxic shock syndrome is caused by a toxin produced by certain types of Staphylococcus bacteria .  A similar syndrome, called toxic shock-like syndrome (TSLS), can be caused by Streptococcal bacteria.  Although the earliest described cases of toxic shock syndrome involved women who were using tampons during menstruation , just s ... Read on »
Toxic Shock Syndrome and Tampons by Nicci T. Health MavenFacebook Posted Tue 29 Mar 2011 8:51am I’ve been researching toxic shock syndrome (TSS) this week for an article. We tend to link it to tampon use but it’s a rare type of blood poisoning that can affect anyone – men, women and children. About half of the cases in the UK have been caused by tampon use (the super-absorbent type containing rayon wrapped in a plastic film). I’m not a fa ... Read on »
Part 2: Tampax Tampons, Toxic Sticks Of Death Diva Cup Giveaway Contest! by Making Love In The Kitchen Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 17 Nov 2009 3:22pm 1 Comment Part 1, Tampax Tampons: Toxic Sticks of Death Who didn’t love their acid wash jeans? You know… the kind, as pictured above, that came up so high you barely needed to wear a shirt? Ever wonder what kind of chemical mess went into getting those hot and sexy bleached out patterns into our denim? Well, my fair fertile ladies, it was not so ... Read on »
Part 3, Tampax Tampons: Toxic Sticks of Death Diva Cup Giveaway Contest! by Making Love In The Kitchen Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 17 Nov 2009 3:22pm Part 1, Tampax Tampons: Toxic Sticks of Death Part 2, Tampax Tampons: Toxic Sticks of Death By now you are well versed in the dangers of the conventional bleached out super absorbent ‘pon. I make it a rule to offer as much info as I can. So I thought I’d wrap up this series with info on what all this can mean in your world- both ... Read on »
Toxic Tampons by Boyd M. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Fri 07 Aug 2009 5:50pm The question's absorbing: Are tampons little white lies? By Joanna Citrinbaum Collegian Staff Writer So your tampon's out of sight, out of mind... right? Maybe it shouldn't be. Tampons have been around for almost 70 years, but it wasn't until the addition of synthetic chemicals and the discovery of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) that research ... Read on »
TSS support! by Frankie Boyer Posted Wed 08 Aug 2012 2:59pm Suzan, You ARE Loved’s Director of Connectivity will be here to talk to us about Toxic Shock Syndrome. It develops when the common bacteria, Staphylococcus Aureus, produce a toxin which is absorbed into the bloodstream. The toxin rapidly overwhelms the immune system and attacks the major organs, leading to kidney failure, collapse of the lungs and ... Read on »
Pads vs. Tampons by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Mon 05 Apr 2010 5:40pm Whether you are getting your first menstrual period, or you’ve been having your period for several years, at some point, you will have to choose between using tampons or pads, and using both. Most young girls start out with pads, although more and more are using tampons because tampons come in a variety of sizes, including small tampons. Many p ... Read on »
H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Fears Addressed – Single vs. Multi-Dose, Adjuvants, Thimerosal and More by Barbara Ficarra Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Sun 01 Nov 2009 10:01pm H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Q&A with Medical Expert Bruce B. Dan, MD The questions and concerns continue to swirl regarding the H1N1 swine flu vaccine, and health consumers continue to fear the safety of the H1N1 swine flu vaccine. Many health consumers are asking if there are adjuvants in the vaccine, should they receive the vaccine if there ... Read on »
MRSA: Is Antibiotic Resistant Staph Lurking At Your Gym? by Matt C. Patient Expert Posted Fri 26 Sep 2008 3:21pm 1 Comment MRSA, or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, killed more people last year than the AIDS virus. Find out the symptoms and treatment of MRSA infection and how to protect yourself at the gym from this “super bug.” It’s silent, invisible and potentially deadly. And it could be hiding out at your gym, health club or local fitness center ... Read on »
Antibiotics in nutshell!!! by Dr. Virashri R. Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Fri 25 Sep 2009 10:13pm An antibiotic is a substance or compound that kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria. Antibiotics can be broadly classified as either bactericidal or bacteriostatic. Bactericidals kill bacteria directly where bacteriostatics prevent cell division. Antibiotics which target the bacterial cell wall (penicillins, cephalosporins), or cell membrane (po ... Read on »