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Severe Facial Pain as a Symptom of Multiple Sclerosis by stuart Patient Expert Posted Wed 14 Jan 2009 8:25pm From Julie Stachowiak, Ph.D., Contributor to: Trigeminal Neuralgia or Tic Doloreux and MS Trigeminal neuralgia has to be one of the worst symptoms that people with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience. A couple of readers have written to me about this symptom and said that there were no words to describe the intensity of thei ... Read on »
Root Canal Therapy Offers a Safe and Effective Solution for Excessive Tooth Pain by Randall LaFrom Posted Mon 06 Jun 2011 4:31pm As a general dentist , it’s my responsibility to restore your damaged teeth to good health, and protect your healthy teeth at the same time. One of the ways I do this is with root canal therapy. By performing a root canal on your damaged, decaying tooth, I can save the tooth from extraction. Despite advances in technology and dental techn ... Read on »
Multiple Sclerosis and Tooth Pain, and The Boy's Surgery Went Great by Jughead Patient Expert Posted Wed 21 Apr 2010 12:00am So we were in the hospital yesterday, the boy had surgery to fix his broken hand, got six pins put into the back of his hand, when it hit me, I am in agony! I had a tooth ache that made me want to jump out of the window, except we were on the ground floor, seemed pointless. After we finished with the boy, I went to see our dentist, I'm a regul ... Read on »
jaw/tooth pain that won't go away - Dental Health - MedHelp by Dr. Syed L. Doctor of Dentistry Posted Sat 09 Jan 2010 3:59pm Safe sex side, he sent my x-rays to an oral surgeon to see if it was a cyst. Excerpt from: jaw/tooth pain that won't go away - Dental Health - MedHelp Read on »
Tooth Pain by Dr. Ellie Phillips Posted Sat 02 Apr 2011 12:40pm Dear Dr. Ellie Mt dentist (whom I have gone to him since 3 years old, and btw he thought your system sounded great!) did bonding on exposed roots on canine teeth which now have percussion pain. Will the system have positive effect on this? I have never had tooth pain in my life so you can imagine how I feel. Thanks again! -J ... Read on »
Tooth Pain by Dr. Ellie Phillips Posted Sat 02 Apr 2011 12:00am Dear Editor of Web MD,  Your recent review of the study describing how fresh foods reduced BPA was helpful. This study raised the question why study subjects did not show MORE reduction when they eliminated all plastics from their diet and water bottles etc. You article described the dangers of BPA - most notable the relationship ... Read on »
My health compromised all because of a......? by Dani .. Posted Fri 01 Jan 2010 12:00am For months and I mean many, I've been suffering from many aches and pains. Most of which I pulled off from working nights or not getting enough sleep. It started out about 8 months ago. These strange headaches would suddenly appear out of no where at any given time. Sometimes, resulting in migraines. One night about 6 months ago, I was dr ... Read on »
Ear Infections & Antibiotics: Natural treatment for Ear Infections? by Ben L. Naturopathic Doctor Posted Sat 25 Oct 2008 4:48pm Ear Infection QUESTION: Dear Dr. Ben, Since becoming pregnant I have stopped nursing my 3 1/2 year old daughter.  I just couldn’t do it anymore.  That was about a month ago. She now has an ear infection.  The first she’s ever had, which I am suspicious is a result of weaning.  I feel extremely guilty over having to wea ... Read on »
Redheads are more sensitive to tooth pain. by Saundra G. Patient Expert Posted Tue 04 Aug 2009 7:38pm Redheads may be hotheads, but we get colder quicker, bruise more easily, and feel more pain, including sensitivity to tooth pain, teeth cleaning, and periodontal surgery. 1.  A study by researchers at the University of Louisville found that redheads require 20% more anesthesia than dark-haired women. The studies were done on women only whose ... Read on »
Yesterday's Agony by Glenn Jones Posted Fri 25 Sep 2009 3:32pm I had hoped to get out for a run yesterday to get things back on track. Because of my tooth pain on Friday, I had revisited my dentist, received some more work on the affected tooth, and actually had a decent night's sleep. I woke up somewhat refreshed, relieved that I didn't need to resort to vicodin. I sat down with my cup of coffee, took a h ... Read on »