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Tonsillitis – Home Remedies by My Healthy Foods Posted Tue 15 Jun 2010 10:16am Tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils, which are lymph nodes located at the back of the throat. Tonsillitis results in the enlargement and inflammation of the tonsils, caused by either a bacterial or viral infection. The degree of the infection itself varies from mild to severe. Tonsillitis is contagious at any stage and can be s ... Read on »
Loneliness Is Contagious Study Suggests - Loneliness Can Be Contagious by relationships .. Posted Tue 08 Dec 2009 11:39am One study suggests that loneliness can spread in social networks like a virus. Learn more about how loneliness can be contagious. Read on »
Are Exercise Habits Contagious? by Embracefire Posted Mon 01 Mar 2010 12:00am A few days ago, I found this article in the Vancouver Province: “Are exercise habits contagious?” And I just thought it was a fantastic topic for discussion. I’d been considering writing an article about the power of close motivation or the use of a workout partner, so what better time? The article states that new research has unvei ... Read on »
Is depression contagious? by Dr. Scott P. Medical Doctor Posted Mon 08 Dec 2008 2:41pm A recent study that has been getting a lot of press coverage asserted that happiness may be contagious. This raises the question about whether depression may have a contagious element. The authors used social network theory to show that the probability of being happy was greater when other around you are happy - and found weaker effects for unhapp ... Read on »
Autistic Children Don't Seem to Yawn 'Contagiously' by Medline Plus Posted Wed 15 Sep 2010 9:00am Study suggests this behavior may signal a lack of recognition of others' feelings Wednesday, September 15, 2010 WEDNESDAY, Sept. 15 (HealthDay News) -- Children with an autism spectrum disorder tend not to yawn "contagiously" -- that is, yawn in response to seeing others yawn, a new study suggests. ... Read on »
The Contagiousness of Moods by Dr. Deb Patient Expert Posted Wed 07 Jan 2009 6:52pm Ever find yourself feeling more cranky when you're around someone whose in a crabby mood? ** Or ** Find your mood lifting when you are around a person who is happy and buoyant? When people are in a particular mood, be it persnickety or pleasurable, that mood is often communicated to others. Remem ... Read on »
Are Your Emotions Contagious? by Tracie B. Posted Wed 11 Jan 2012 3:00am How to trigger the good feelings and temper the bad Each year we work to avoid catching the latest flu virus or seasonal cold, but there is another epidemic and no one is immune — it's called emotional contagion. Emotional contagion is a term psychologists use when emotions “spread” from person to person, influencing the mo ... Read on »
A new study shows that happiness is contagious. by Gretchen R. Patient Expert Posted Mon 08 Dec 2008 12:25pm Several thoughtful readers sent me links to a fascinating new study that explores the contagiousness of happiness. The phenomenon of emotional contagion in fleeting interactions is well-known, but this study sheds some interesting light on how happiness spreads over time and across a large group of people. Ever since I read that study about h ... Read on »
Loneliness can be contagiousPeop ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Posted Fri 04 Dec 2009 6:01am Loneliness can be contagious People who feel lonely spread that feeling to others 04 dec 2009--Loneliness, like a bad cold, can spread among groups of people, research at the University of Chicago, the University of California-San Diego and Harvard shows. Using longitudinal data from a large-scale study that has been following health con ... Read on »
Contagious Disease Quiz: Can You Catch It? by Karen Bastille Health Maven Posted Sun 17 Apr 2011 12:06pm WebMD Contagious diseases can be spread by contact with or close proximity to an infected person, and there are varying degrees of contagiousness. Some diseases are easily transmitted from person to person, like a cold, while others can be transmitted only under specific conditions. Can you catch it? - Click here t ... Read on »