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Exercise, Diet & Life Tips, Do New Fitness Tips Exist, What Are Your Tips? by LoveVeggiesYoga Posted Sun 19 Sep 2010 11:28am Hi Friends!  How has your weekend been?  Anything exciting happen?  Hopefully you've gotten in some R & R and time with your loved ones!  We all need more of that! A couple days ago I received my latest issue of Women's Health magazine It's interesting that month after month, magazine publishers give us tips on how to tone and firm our butt ... Read on »
Tips, Tips, and More Tips about Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions. by Gretchen R. Patient Expert Posted Thu 02 Jan 2014 4:04pm For all of you who make New Year’s resolutions — it’s Day #2! How’s it going? In case you need a little help making and keeping your resolutions, I’m re-posting a round-up of many posts about resolution-keeping. Note: Some of you are thinking, “If making some resolution is important to me, sure, I’ll make and keep it, but I don’t do ... Read on »
A Tip is Just a Tip, but a Before and After is My Life by Israel L. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sat 23 Aug 2008 3:02pm Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Katie, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. This was only 6 weeks, I wasn’t messing around. They say that “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.” This statement couldn’t be truer in this instance. It is safe to say that I have had some bad judgment. ... Read on »
10 Tips on Pain-Free Computer Mousing & Other Tips to Reduce Computer-Related Pain by Nicole M. Physical TherapistHealth Maven Posted Thu 15 Jan 2009 12:17pm 10 Tips on Pain-Free Computer Mousing and other tips to "Reduce Computer-Related Pain": 1) The computer mouse should be at about the same level of the keyboard and positioned as closely to the keyboard as possible. Typically this can only be accomplished with the use of an ergonomic adjustable keyboard tray with sliding or tilting mouse pl ... Read on »
TA Tips - Tips for Securing a Teachers Assistant For Your Autistic Student by Harold L D. Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 7:09pm This article is an updated repost of a previous comment made on this site in 2006 which also previously appeared in an Autism Society New Brunswick newsletter. Since these tips were originally drafted ASNB has been successful in encouraging the provincial government to train teacher aides and resource teachers at the UNB-CEL Autis ... Read on »
TA Tips – Tips for Securing a TA for Your Autistic Student by Harold L D. Patient Expert Posted Fri 12 Sep 2008 11:32am I am a lawyer and an active member of autism organizations in New Brunswick. Mostly I am the father of two boys one of whom is profoundly autistic. Like everyone else, I am continually fighting for a trained Teacher's Assistant to work with my autistic son; preferably one who has received the Autism Support Worker training course from UNB ... Read on »
Stress Tips and Feel Good Tips: My Free Gift to You! by Dr. Elisabeth Kuhn Doctor of Philosophy Posted Tue 16 Sep 2008 4:32am Seven stress tips and/or feel-better tips are yours for the downloading! How come? As you can see below, my new ebook Feel Better Quickly: Emergency Rescue Toolbox for your Mood is ready. And I want to give people a chance to try it on for size risk-free. So I had the sneaky idea to simply give you a shorter version of it FREE! Get it ... Read on »
Diabetic Tips of the Month Tip #... by Diabetic Chef .. Patient Expert Posted Fri 10 Oct 2008 2:11pm Diabetic Tips of the Month Tip #1. A free food is one with less than 20 calories and 5 grams carbohydrate per serving. Examples include diet soft drinks, sugar-free gelatin dessert, sugar-free ice pops, sugarless gum, and sugar-free syrup. Tip #2. Sugar-free does not mean carbohydrate-free. Compare the total carbohydra ... Read on »
Wednesday Tip for Blog Action Day: 1 tip on making yourself happier during the economic crisis -- and combating poverty, too. by Gretchen R. Patient Expert Posted Wed 15 Oct 2008 7:18am Every Wednesday is Tip Day -- and today is also Blog Action Day. This Wednesday: One big tip to help make you feel happier during the economic crisis -- and combat poverty, at the same time. The folks at Blog Action Day were prescient in their choice of “Poverty” as this year’s subject. The current economic situation will mean that people ... Read on »
Fitness Tip #3: Get Useful Training Tips At! by Corey I. Patient Expert Posted Sat 18 Oct 2008 2:35pm Through Eric Gervase's blog, Stubborn Runner, I was happy to discover some great articles on running-related topics by visiting the website of a recent commenter named Bill, a.k.a. tbtgwacmtt. The website is called the The Half Marathon Training Experience, & topics range from basic subjects like "starting a new running program" or "findin ... Read on »