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Book review: “The Intellectual Devotional: Health” by Scott Keith Patient Expert Posted Wed 21 Oct 2009 10:06pm By David S. Kidder, Noah D. Oppenheim and Bruce K. Young, MD Review by Scott Keith Back in the day, if you loved medical trivia and wanted to research the causes of a fever or the health benefits of Vitamin C, you had to stroll to the nearest library or book store to satisfy your curiosity. All that changed with the Internet. A click of ... Read on »
Candida/Yeast Infection Part 1 by Treya Posted Fri 21 Aug 2009 12:39pm Hey People, Some of you may remember me previously mentioning that I have yeast infections. As I have only explained this briefly before and as I have heard a lot of other ME/ CFS sufferers with the same problems I feel it is important to expand on it to inform others who haven't gone down this root of investigation. I have found what I thin ... Read on »
The World’s Longest (and Most Overdue) Blog Entry by Rebecca .. Patient Expert Posted Sun 17 Jan 2010 8:24pm 2 Comments In my last entry to this blog, I promised myself and my readers that I would be showing up here in Chronic Town more regularly. I’ve certainly stretched the limits of what “regularly” means, haven’t I? If it counts for anything, though, I have thought about finishing and posting this essay I started back in 2009 nearly every day. Par ... Read on »
Hyla Cass, MD, Psychiatrist outl ... by Duane Sherry, M.S. Patient Expert Posted Sun 28 Sep 2008 1:29pm Hyla Cass, MD, Psychiatrist outlines key components to achieving and maintaining mental wellness.  From [ Global Health Center ]: Nutritional Approaches to Mental Health © Hyla Cass M.D. [ Books ] by Hyla Cass, M.D. Excerpted from ‘ St. John’s Wort: Nature’s Blues Buster’ “Let food be thy medicine.” - Hippocrates ... Read on »
Lyme Disease Symptom Checklist by Bryan R. Patient Expert Posted Wed 30 Nov 2011 7:42pm LYME DISEASE SYMPTOM CHECKLIST James Schaller, M.D., M.A.R. The following checklist is not meant to be complete or authoritative. Information about Lyme disease is constantly emerging and changing. Therefore any checklist is intended for use as a starting point. In traditional medicine, a physician performs a complete history and physical. ... Read on »
PROTOMYXZOA RHEUMATICA IMPLICATED IN CHRONIC ILLNESSES by Joanne60 Posted Fri 13 Jul 2012 5:19pm Listen to internet radio with Focus on Health on Blog Talk Radio 1 Step Blood Test Discovers Protozoa under Biofilm Structure by  Focus on Health Thanks to Better Health Guy for the following   here Steve Fry MD Presented on FL1953 which is now called Protomyxzoa rheumatica. Has found Ivermectin, Flagyl, and a low-fat die ... Read on »
Evidence: Magnesium Deficiency is related to Lyme Disease by Bryan R. Patient Expert Posted Sun 07 Feb 2010 10:08pm 1 Comment When I wrote my book entitled The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments , and included a chapter on magnesium deficiency (see the Table of Contents ), some people questioned the veracity of my claim that magnesium deficiency is related to Lyme infection. Well, I’ll now share some evidence. The date is 1997 and the place is Romania, at the Departme ... Read on »
THE IDSA KNOWS CHRONIC LYME EXISTS by Marjorie Tietjen Posted Sat 07 Aug 2010 6:32am The author of the paper below created a very organized list of studies which proves that the Infectious Disease Society Of America (IDSA) knows that Lyme disease can be a chronic relapsing infection. Their current treatment guidelines are creating a tsunami of undiagnosed and MISdiagnosed suffering and dying victims. Evidently there are more lucr ... Read on »
Dachel Media Update: by Kim S. Patient Expert Posted Sat 01 Dec 2012 12:00am Two Sides to I’m constantly amazed when the media covers autism.  They happily give health officials and mainstream medicine the last word and show no real interest in a disorder that has can strike any child—even one who was born healthy and is thriving as a toddler.  Most of all, there’s never any suspicion about a ... Read on »
How I am Treating My Lyme by Dr. Phuli Cohan Medical Doctor Posted Thu 09 Apr 2009 7:15pm Many of you have emailed asking how I have been treating my Lyme disease. Lyme is the fastest growing infectious disease in the U.S. and most doctors do not diagnose or treat it properly. If you are not suffering from, or interested in Lyme please skip this blog  but pass it on to whomever may be suffering. I hope this will help anyone struggling ... Read on »