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Lupus Fact & Blog of the Day No. 7 – Lupus Sisters and Lupus Tests by Lupus Adventurer Posted Tue 07 May 2013 8:00am The lupus blogger spotlight for today shines on trio of gals with lupus who met each other online, and recently began working together on a new blog project, Lupus Sisters .  Theirs is the story of three friends who are all lupus patients: Missie, Sarah and Jen who found each other on the Internet, and now share with each other their struggles ... Read on »
Diagnosing Lupus and Lupus Tests by Molly Patient Expert Posted Wed 23 Jan 2013 1:23pm Do you think you may have lupus? If you have shown several of the signs for lupus, you and your physician may now take the next step in determining if it is lupus or another auto-immune disease.  In order to make such a diagnosis, the individual must first show clinical evidence of a multi-symptom disease (i.e., the individual has shown abno ... Read on »
Diagnosis and Treatment of Lupus Fact #7 – No single test for Lupus! by Lupus Adventurer Posted Mon 07 May 2012 1:33pm Diagnosis and Treatment of Lupus:  There is no single laboratory test that can decide whether a person has lupus. Diagnosing lupus involves analyzing the results of several lab tests, a review of the person’s entire medical history, and the history of close family members.  When I was finally diagnosed with Lupus, I had demonstrated 7 of the ... Read on »
New blood test for lupus. Could it be? by Sara .. Posted Fri 20 Jan 2012 8:00am Word in Pittsburgh, PA is that there's a new blood test that can help to more accurately diagnose lupus. You can read the entire article here , but here are the highlights: *** A new blood test that researchers in Pittsburgh developed to help doctors better diagnose lupus now is available for everyday use. Drs. Joseph Ahearn and Susan Manzi ... Read on »
Do you have Lupus? Get tested for Celiac Disease. by Toni Kaste Posted Fri 27 Jan 2012 12:00am Click on the 2 links below for more on the connection between gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease and Lupus. If you have been tested and/or are already gluten free take the time today to share that with another person that you know with Lupus (or another autoimmune disease). ... Read on »
Test your Lupus Lingo skills by Sara G. Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 8:01pm There are a ton of medical terms and vocabulary words associated with Lupus, many of which I didn't know before I was diagnosed. Try matching up the Lupus words at the top with the correct definitions at the bottom. Some words you might know or have read about in my blog. Others might require you to use your little gray cells! WORD ... Read on »
Defending the lupus diagnosis by Carla U. Patient Expert Posted Mon 13 May 2013 9:19am Hi Carla, I was diagnosed with Lupus 21 years ago. I understood from that rheumatologist that I had tested positive for ANA.  Now I have moved and am seeing a new rheumy.  She ran tests and my ANA was negative, so she now says I don't have lupus.  I had many positive ANA test results over the years. (Unfortunately I tried to get old reco ... Read on »
My Lupus Diagnosis Story... by Toni Kaste Posted Wed 29 Jul 2009 12:00am Here is the story of how I was diagnosed with Lupus... A little before hand...I had an unexplained "grand mal" seizure about 7 years ago(never knew at the time that seizures are a symptom of Celiac Disease APS and Lupus) Then about 3 years ago had issues with a mass in my breast and cervical pre cancer cells from HPV, not really related but ... Read on »
New Lupus diagnosis, and finding accurate lupus information… by Lupus Adventurer Posted Sat 05 Mar 2011 6:35pm Where new patients can find accurate lupus info... This post is dedicated to Kim, a newly diagnosed lupus patient who asked me this morning where she could find accurate information about lupus.  While writing my email reply to her question, I realized the information I was sending her could help any newly diagnosed patient.  Speci ... Read on »
New Lupus Diagnosis? Keep Calm and Carry On, Lupus is Manageable! by Lupus Adventurer Posted Mon 09 Apr 2012 11:36am Lupus Diagnosis? Keep Calm and Carry On, Lupus is Manageable! Today the theme for the 30 day Health Writer’s challenge focuses on an important message that needs to be shared about lupus.  Those who are newly diagnosed with Lupus often are very shaken emotionally, and often very unsure what the diagnosis will mean to their life.  For me ... Read on »